Scattered glimpses of the configuration Nature has given me, presented through the lovely language of astrology.

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Sagittarians "...tend to be the most honest about who they are and what they stand for. Building a strong identity, for them, relies on this process of self-discovery and living out their truth."

"The Libra Risings have the most powerful charm and the best people-skills of the trio. They possess an automatic way of putting you at ease and making you feel liked and understood, which gives them a highly attractive aura and energy."

"Those with the Moon in Gemini get bored easiest, needing stimulation and excitement at every given second. Also, they can either be the most talkative or the quietest, as they will process their feelings by either not being able to shut up or thinking so hard they shut others out.

"With Uranus in the 2nd House, you want to be doing something for money that is going to bring you a feeling of freedom and of experimentation. It has to open up your mind to many different ideas and alternatives.
Uranus brings chaos into all of our lives, to some degree or another and in some way or another. With Uranus in the 2nd, it is financial chaos. 

... It is important for you, then, to remain detached from concerns with wealth and financial security. The less you care about money, the more you have it. But, the more you care about it, the less you get.
...your lifestyle: it is odd and unpredictable and always subject to change. So, in a way, you'll never feel totally settled into a standard of living. But, this is essentially what you have to settle for, in that paradoxical Uranus way.

Soul Mission

"The North Node is the single most important point in the describes what your Soul wants to learn and experience in this life. It is a Soul Messenger.
The great psychologist, Carl Jung, believed that the time of birth was not a coincidence but was a mysterious synchronicity that reveals a great deal. "

"When we embrace and live out our North Node, our life has a greater purpose and we achieve much deeper satisfaction."

"To have this [Leo] North Node sign is to be constantly challenged throughout life to give your best performance. If you're a Leo North Node and you're ever in doubt, you just need to think of yourself as an actor (and the chances are great that you could be an actor or performer of some sort). Like an actor does on screen or stage, you need to live your life in a way that is about presence, charisma, creativity, and a heartfelt, personal connection to others." 

The Bold Explorer

"These people are looking to see the world through their own eyes and don't rely on the opinion of the many."
"The energy if Leo is what's motivating them, whereas the one of Aquarius is what's making these natives feel good. As a matter of fact, all people born with Leo - Aquarius Nodes are still deciding to be either the aristocrats of the society or the spiritual enlighteners who want to change the world with their emotions."
"Strengths: Spiritual, objective and adventuresome;
Challenges: Vain, isolated and overly emotional;"

Working From the Shadows

"Their most important task in life is embracing the North Node in Leo's desire for luxury, boldness and expression of ideas.
If not, they can end up the workers from the shadows, those who are never appreciated for their imagination and opinions.
When they manage to get the attention of the public, they need to continue being humble, as it's a challenge for them to be comfortable when in the spotlight."

"It's the desire of their soul to advance, to instill changes and to play this game of an important existence, just because they find all challenges exciting.
When young or perhaps in their past existences, they were only on the side, looking at how others are occupying important roles, which made them feel isolated.
They should just be more active and explore their artistic talents, no matter what they may be doing. It's okay for them to play with their own creativity and enjoy what's coming out.
After all, they only need to explore what beauty can offer and to take pleasure in the results of their work."

"...conditioned by their soul to think differently, so they may not be completely aware of what they're hearing from others.
They can speak their own truth and have others not understand them, so they need to learn communication, as well how to be more empathetic."

"They shouldn't let go of their own personality in order to make room for others or to become more dutiful. It would be easier for them to rely on intuition and to make new friends while working on their dreams
The soul of these natives is asking them to make connections with others and to no longer feel exiled.
If deciding to not judge themselves and their loved ones, they can really make friends with those who may play an important role in their life.
More than this, they shouldn't want to be right all the time, or different and solitary. Their presence should be felt because they have a lot to say."

"There is a part of them, conscious or unconscious, that wants to shock.
They can cause others heart palpitations, especially those who aren't used with change and surprises. It's not that they want too much to be different because they're acting, looking and dressing like others. It's just that the light of Uranus is usually hitting them where they're least expecting it, and they're the ones rocking the boat. It's normal for them to want to shock because of Uranus' energy, which similar to Pluto's."

"They can feel uncomfortable with feelings, especially when not knowing where these are coming from or how they should be dealt with.
As a matter of fact, they can't understand emotions altogether...
For this reason, they should think that emotions are only meant to help them develop, not that they're useless."

"Individuals with the South Node in Aquarius are seeing detachment as something that's helping them help others. This is more noticeable in them when they want to make assessments, meaning they can be incredibly efficient solvers of any problem.
However, being cold can put them in trouble because they may end up not so mentally and emotionally sane.
There's no selfishness in looking after problems in a more sensitive way, not to mention how much their world can flourish after they have decided to be in touch with their own feelings."

South Node Aquarius

"Big intellectuals, they seem to know what they're supposed to do in their lives. When it comes to them being fair and democratic, they prefer to teach themselves things and to shine like stars among others because they're aware of their big destiny."

"They fear being in the spotlight, as well taking any risk, so they may become just simple members of their community, giving up on their individualism.
The placement of the South Node in Aquarius in their birth chart is indicating they shouldn't worry too much about what everyone else thinks of them and just follow what their mind is telling them, in the most creative way possible.
South Node Aquariuses need to make conscious efforts to deal with others at the personal level, as well to love and to not fall into the sin of being too intellectual, completely detached from their own emotions."

"...they can lose the control over their own heart when they're being too rational with their own feelings."

"When taking some risks and being confident, people with South Node in Aquarius can end up again being happy and feeling balanced.
Being conscious of themselves and trying to have their mind focused on intellectual subjects, they can no longer feel happy when others are admiring them for being themselves, in a setting in which they're being successful all the time.
During past lives, individuals with South Node in Aquarius were most likely involved with different organizations and spent a lot of time among their loved ones.
The placement of this Node is indicating that they love cooperating and that they may have had power in the past. In their subconscious, they know how to influence others and how to have an influence in the society.

"It's not at all attractive for them to be dependent, but they're in fact seeking this when in a relationship, as they don't want to be isolated."

"They're known as good observers of the human nature, so they can make the psychological profiles of many.
At the same time, they're emotionally detached when things are becoming personal.
" (link)

"A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools."

* Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy *

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