2020 - Solar Return overview

Potentials for my upcoming year (nov19/20), "according to astrology".


"If you want a strong career year, this is it." (astrosoftware)

"When Sun is the 10th house, it means that your profession, career, vocational direction, future goals, your future, your mother, your boss/authority figures and any other 10th house matters are highlighted during the solar return (SR) year." (hongjoseph.com)

"you can spend the next year of your life focused more on your career, ambitions, goals, and direction" (darkpixie)

"The CHALLENGE for the coming year when the Sun moves to the 7th house is to use your successes and skills to build cooperative and fulfilling partnerships. The ASSETS from the previous year when the Sun was in the 1st house is personal achievement as a stepping stone to business success." (maryshea)


"It could also be a real "escapist" year. Something hidden or private may occupy a good portion of your thoughts and your time this year. Some restlessness is likely, and you may have some concerns about what lies ahead of you, which could be at the root of your need to escape." (cafeastrology)

"Now is the time to get creative, let your juices flow and put something into work. You may become more sensitive and psychic, try to protect yourself from psychic vampires or drains at this time." (illumeastrology)

"The next year can be focused on letting go and clearing out your life in many ways." (darkpixie)

(SR NeptuneR conjunct SR Asc)


MC is placed in 3rd natal house, conjunct Jupiter and Venus.

"Social life will require a great deal of travel usually of a short distance to medium distance. Business or profession in turn may require the same kind of travel. ... The person's social position may be connected with writing, speaking, teaching, or other forms of communication." (astrology-gatewaytoatlantis)

"Solar Return MC in the natal third house indicates a social position that requires much travel, or which is connected with writing." (astrologyedmonton)


"You may have an easier time presenting yourself when it comes to your career" (lunar-alienn)


SR VestaR conjunct Natal ChironR

SR Juno conjunct Natal Saturn/Jupiter

SR Venus/Saturn conjunct Mars, Opposition Moon

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