Regarding finding "work/occupation" (or an equivalent) that resonates with my soul ('s mission).

WORK - Scoot Boots Scandinavia

Deck: Shapeshifter, Explanations: Gamble-Hounsome

1. Current Situation
2. My own blockages
3. Advice - how to proceed


Deck: Journey to the Orient

1. Current situation
2. My own blockages
3. Advice - how to proceed

20210825 - offered to work for Jennie/Scoot Boots

20210814 The Ikigai Spread

1. What I love
2. What you are good at
3. What the world needs
4. What you can get paid for
5. Your Ikigai - how these 4 elements could connect

1. What I Love - Page of Pentacles
--> "cultivate a certain mental attitude or to inwardly prepare for certain ways of acting"
"what we want to reach cannot be reached by hard labor"
"since wait we must, why not make ourselves comfortable while we wait?!"

2. What I'm good at - King of Wands (R)
"a strong-willed man who does not allow others to influence him in any way"
"can make great things become real"
In control of (King) passion/energy/spirit (wands) - in a non-traditional/flipped (reversed) way - not leading, but letting myself being led, while in control (over myself, and my situation)

3. What the world needs - Six of Rods
Someone daring to stand up? That I need to show myself, in the spotlight?
I can't but think of my Leo North Node.
"success, victory, recognition" - but don't brag!

4. What I can get paid for - King of Cups
Studies! At home :)
"always ready to help and care for others, and he is looking for wisdom and spiritual fulfillment"
And, In control of (King) emotions/relationships (cups). 

5. Your Ikigai - how these 4 elements could connect: The Chariot
Pulled by horses! Above. Towards the sun. 
"symbolizes the energetic, hopeful departure of the hero into the unknown, into adventure, into life. He sets off ready to assume a risk, to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow"

(What I need:

Cancer midheavens are natural nurturers, with a lot of compassion and an artistic, creative approach to their work. Great at professions that involve nourishing and caring for others, they make fantastic chefs, social workers, teachers, and life coaches - anything with a service industry edge.
      They may have a lot of ups and downs in careers that don't suit them because of an innate restlessness that is caused by suppressing their emotional side. A Cancer midheaven needs a career that allows them to utilize their intuition and their ability to care for others. "They also need to feel emotionally fulfilled in their work," Jackson adds. "Their emotions are very tied to what they do." link


Splitting the subject in two.
Financial view: Crystal Tarot - "it will crystallize/is crystallizing"
Occupational view: Art of Life Tarot - "the art of living", which certainly is something I would like to "work" with!


1. Current situation: Five of Swords (R)
Summary: 'Don't go about pitying yourself'
So yes, I do feel a bit sorry for myself not earning my own living. That I "don't have the mental or physical ability to survive in an ordinary job". That I "need so much time processing everything". That the years just "keep passing by" without me "finding my purpose", finding my "gift to society", finding my sweet spot in the fabric of life where I can contribute to the whole in a tangible (and income generating...) way.
"...the Five of Swords reversed can express conflict in your life that you have tried to walk away from but which continues to follow you." (biddy) No shit Sherlock!
"You may be particularly worried that history might repeat itself..." Yes. I see no obvious "end to this". I "get blocked" in every direction, when I try to fix/solve the situation - that is, Get a Job, as society (and my father, and my head) highly suggests you should have one! Blocked from the outside (no:s), or blocked by my body (pain).
" are ready to move forward with your life and create positive change. Bring your energy back within and ground yourself. Come back to that beautiful, soulful person you are and ask yourself: how can I help create a win-win solution here?" (biddy)

2. Advice, occupation wise: Ten of Pentacles (R)
Summary: "Not what we have, but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance."
(Young girls sitting by a piano)
Keep coming to terms with the present moment then. It seems that occupation is not something that I should search for outside of what I already have (for the moment at least), but a question of utilising what I already got?
And, apparently, something I've already got in abundance?

3. "Occupational Story": The Fool (R) - The Magician - P2
Summary: problems living in the present - you are the master of your fate, the captain of your soul - "happiness is not in the mere possession of money: it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort"
More hints suggesting "accepting the way things are" and working more on creatively use what I have, and enjoy it. And not focusing on money - which was the reason why I split this subject/question/analyse in two threads.

4. Do more of: Knight of Pentacles (R)
Summary: "Constancy of purpose"
And not "work so hard for it"? It's not about searching and finding, but about being. Staying true to myself. Constancy, direction - not speed or force.
"Instead of trying new things or dreaming up more ideas, the reversed Knight of Pentacles encourages you to establish a schedule or routine for yourself and stick to it"
"While your hard work is appreciated, you do not want to lose the support of others along the way and may need to soften your approach." (biddy)

5. Do less of: The Hierophant (R)
Summary: less of following 'principles, tradition and rules'(?)
Make me think of the head's continuous focus on "you should have an occupation" - which it wants me to "work hard for" (#4). 

6. Common denominator - where occupation and economy meet: S6 meeting C5
"For everything you have missed in life, you have gained something else"
Fitting so extremely good together with the Five of Cups...! Where the five cups - unusually - are all upright - not 2 overturned/spilled as they usually are.
It's not that I'm missing something (the "traditional employment", or "income") - I have other things. A life is a journey.

7. Signs of my "Soul Occupation", how will I know it's IT? Knight of Wands
(Also see "1. What is your dream job - Knight of Pens (Wands)" from Below...!)
"The real voyage of discovery lies not in finding new landscapes, but in having new eyes."
Again, there's no need do search "new land", but to use what I already have/are.
It's about "inspiring". Inspired (in-spirited) action. 


1. Current situation: Three of Pentacles - Expansion (!)
I guess I'm expanding my resources, but not really my money. Or, as the card says:
"Expanding one's own capabilities."
The connection to my economy being?
(Clarification card 20210515: Dream Enchantress Tarot, The Tower (R)... "That which you've built so carefully, stands high above you, a landmark that lets you know where you stand. And suddenly, a bolt of energy, a flash of insight... and it's gone." I used to 'look up to money', let it guide me and my choices. I think I'm in the aftermath of awakening from the fall of that beacon. Now focusing more on expanding other kinds of resources, letting other things guide me.)
In the card I see one pentacle above ground, two in it. Suggesting planted seeds, for future growth.
The one above ground shows Virgo, those below show Taurus and Capricorn.

2. Financial Advice: King of Swords - Scholar
"The repository of intellectual science."
Enter the Biddy Tarot certification program?! Or just be "a scholar of life"?
In the card I see the King of Swords riding a river on a moon crescent - patiently riding the river of life with detachment, and a good balance and cooperation between logic and intuition.

3. Financial Story: P5 - W9 (R) - C10
Summary: worries, anxieties in everyday life - experience, having learned from one's mistakes - awards, to receive the results of one's own love
I know there's no need to worrying about money, and the whole "work situation" - it is what it is, and should be - and I've put a lot of awareness, energy and labour into it - into changing my view on it. Hopefully "the worst is over" - W9 (R). I've learned it the "hard way" - step by step, constantly challenged by my head and "tradition/society/the un-awakened/mainstream".   
"The Nine of Wands reversed suggests that you are struggling to keep working towards your goal. The challenges on your path are relentless, pummelling you with setback after setback. You don't know if you can cope with it anymore and may be ready to give up. Just know that you are oh-so-close to completing this challenge. Draw upon your internal resources - your resilience, inner courage, positive self-talk and mindset - to keep you going. You have it in you to turn this challenging situation into a fantastic success (and to help others facing similar hurdles). Keep fighting - you've got this!" (biddy)
And "the future looks bright"?!
But it ain't P10 at the end, but C10. Maybe money won't come raining down, but rather a sense of emotional fulfilment and harmony will arise the more I come to terms with the present moment being what it is? In good company?
"Since the ten of cups signals family stability and harmony, you may find that you and your loved ones have what you need to feel happy and comfortable. This doesn't always translate to wealth, but the knowledge that there is enough for a feeling of stability and security." (labyrinthos)
And what does the amount of money on the bank account matter if you have enough, and just feel aligned with the present moment, and those around you? 

4. Do more of: Three of Cups - Growth
A little uncommon take on the C3: "To plant the seeds of that which will grow." Not any seeds - but of that which will grow..?
Again the planting - see the pent's in the ground in card #1, suggesting "I'm already on it", and should "keep up the work"?!
And advice to keep more focus on feelings (cups) than matter (pent's).
Then there's the "common" interpretation:
"Celebration, friendship, creativity, collaborations", and again a connection to "friends, family and company", as in the C10.
" are encouraged to gather with your closest friends and have a good time together, talking, laughing, sharing and creating." (biddy) So, probably planting seeds of/in that context then.

5. Do less of: Queen of Pentacles (R) - Heiress
As the cards says "willingly accepts her destiny" I here assume that I should spend less time opposing it..! Hence, spend more energy on accepting the present moment (as it is), as suggested a lot in these two layouts. And spend less time "wanting to be somewhere/someone else"!
And you often find "financial independence" in relation to this Queen - maybe not something I should keep striving for then? And accept to "inherit money" - like I'm now living a lot on my parents...?

6. Common denominator - where economy and occupation meet: C5 meeting S6
Stop crying over spilled milk (which in this card isn't even spilled)!

Journey on (S6).
I've ended up "given away" (wasted) a lot of money on educations I though would be good, and eventually "generate money". But what's been "lost" in one sense has, of course, given me something else - "worth" much more. I have neither an occupation nor a decent income, but I have the journey. I have my life. And I should live it to the fullest, and accept it for what it is, and for what it gives (and "takes").

7. Advice on seeds to plant (card #4): P2 (R) - Publicity
"Put things into perspective through a proper viewpoint".
In combination with the C3, and this P3 being reversed, I ponder if it first and foremost means that I should continue my work on learning to accept and not judge family, friends and close ones - by putting things in perspective, learning to see and feel it from theirs, and from a higher universal one, and by that indirectly plant seeds - through "teaching by being". 
And in cases where the person is ready I assume I can go more "public", and inspire the other to "put things in perspective" by planting little seeds of words and examples on how everything can be thought of in different ways, some more "proper" than others? 


How (the hell) should I fund my life then?!
As "accepting the present moment" and "going against tradition" not exactly (immediately) pay the bills.
Knowing it's a somewhat obstinate question, as I still have money on the bank...

Four of Wands - Alliances
"The ability to collaborate with others"
Wow, how I wish one could "live like that" - "If I do/make this, you do/make that".
But everything isn't exchangeable. There are things that have to be payed and bought. But again, I have money for some time still, guess I have time to work something out.
Furthermore, the W4 sometimes comes with the meaning "marriage"... :) (my lifelong dream)
How I would love being a housewife!

But I guess it's about continuing finding alliances ("true friends", teamwork, and practice collaboration - and patience (a lion lying under the four wands) - and use the money I have in a smart way.


My strength as a Tarot reader?
Deck: Secret Tarot - "secret are only revealed to the trained eye, the intuitive and the open mind"
Card: Seven of Wands
"foiled menace" So, I guess my strength is to, with the help of Tarot, exfoliate hidden/secret fears threatening the harmony and the inherent love the soul is. Not backing down despite the resistance the fears put up. Standing my ground. 


My Zone of Genius? Healing Earth Tarot, Ace of Pipes
Healing Earth Tarot - "healing Earth, one human at the time (starting with oneself)"
Ace of Pipes - "The Ace of Pipes symbolizes a time of tremendous growth by connecting with nature and offering that new life into existence. It is a peaceful healing between the earthly levels of our being and the spiritual."
"In a reading, the Ace of Pipes transmits that powerful healing, in a gentle form, is being offered to you. "
So - to offer 'natural support' for gentle healing, one person at the time (with myself as primary/first focus)? Or merely self-healing?

My (potential) favourite client? Happy Tarot, Queen of Swords
Also very fitting description of myself. So is I the client I should focus on, or also "like-minded"?



The Tarot of the Dead (I think: transformation, Astrology House 8 where I have my natal Chiron, and 8 is my Life Path Number)

1. What is your dream job - Knight of Pens (Wands)

Wands "Represents the fire of creativity, of putting thought into action." "This is a suit of freedom, of active change, and of seized opportunity..."
Knight "Unbridled enthusiasm. Adventurer. Journey. Optimistic person."
How to interpret this as "my dream job"?
"This Knight is riding his horse fast because of a sudden inspiration. Something can be solved and it is up to the Knight to get the solution out to the world." (keen)
"Energy, passion, inspired action, adventure, impulsiveness"
"You are bold and courageous and willing to venture into unknown territories to further your mission and your dreams. You don't really care if danger lies ahead - in fact, if it does, then it becomes all the more exciting and thrilling for you. Adventures like this light you up because you know growth and expansion are waiting on the other side." (biddy)
Maybe along the lines of "promoting transformation and true freedom through active change" - "awakening" through inspiration, and maybe through writing (Knight of Pens). 

2. How can you get there - The Empress

"Primal feminine ideals. Fecundity. Useful instincts and resourcefulness."
"Femininity, beauty, nature, nurturing"
"The Empress signifies a strong connection with our femininity."
"Bring your creative ideas into being by nurturing them and supporting their growth. Allow those designs and their manifestation to flow through you, acting with compassion and love." (biddy)
"Understand yourself and get in touch with your sensuality so that you can attract life circumstances to bring happiness and joy. She is a signal that be kind to yourself, to take care of yourself." (labyrinthos)
Not for nothing I have two uteruses symbolically hinting how I should proceed and advance in life?!
I like attract life circumstances to bring happiness and joy. I like nurture and support.

3. What qualities do you bring to the table - Ten of Reals (Pent's)

"Home. Security. Material comforts."
"Wealth, financial security, family, long-term success, contribution."
"You are financially secure and trust that, because of your personal successes and accomplishments, you will always have what you need and desire." (biddy)
And I guess it could be written as my "trust in the universe, that it provides everything I need", and that the thing I should bring to the table is "me - radiating this deep trust"? 
I also think of "experience" - associating reals with the fact that I have worked through a lot with and in myself, and have "movies to show/refer to".

4. Where can you find assistance - Five of Coffins (Cups)

"Disappointment." Isn't that a treat?! It surely fits with my 8th house Chiron - in pain there's healing. The path forward is through accepting disappointments of the mind? 
And admittedly, I always in some way or another rejoice when people (and myself) "feel bad", "brake down" or "experience problems" - as I know there's so much opportunities for growth hidden in it. Not for nothing my natal Chiron is in alignment with my Nodes.

5. What needs attention - Four of Pistols (Swords)

"Period of rest. Need to dream or free imagination. Necessary time of mourning" I really do need a lot of "me-time". Set aside time to breathe before making decisions - or instead of making decisions - allowing things to naturally unfold (my way of 'dream or free imagination'). I very often lay down on the floor, just resting, letting emotions settle, or mourn - letting sadness and pain be and heal in their own time. "I'm not cried out yet", as I said only 5 years old, when my father tried to comfort me and "make me stop crying". 
Again (as in the Five of Cups/Coffins above) - pain ain't something bad or wrong. It can certainly be a path forward, and maybe even THE path forward for me as it looks in this spread, considering the subject being 'career', quite an important area in ones life. 


Very interesting outcome on this spread. Both deck-wise and card-wise.
And it correlates quite well with the previous one. "Passionate about - transformation", and the deck representing "the collective unconscious", which is "in need of awakening". Ten of Pentacles there being one of the "what am I good at". Non-physical guidance being hinted at as a way forward.


Deck, chosen randomly from my collection, using a number generator:
Sirian Starseed (Theme: "if the collective unconscious could speak")

1. What am I passionate about?

"...she explores the alchemical process of transmutation, wherby elements are combined to create new forms"
"...balancing aspects of our lives in order to move forward."
"spiritual healing"

" be in harmony with that aspect (wealth and achievements) of her life and not let it become so weighty that she loses her perspective"
" be thankful for the gifts she has received from the earth"
"...preparing to hand the rose to the needy one."
"What is the gift she can share? It is the rose, the wisdom of knowing true beauty, which holds within it the greater understanding of what truly matters for us all."

"...celebrating the energies of this reality"
"...manifest spirit into form, ..., and the examination of the true value of possession versus spirit"
"life is about being enough"
"the Adept moves along the path of earthly experience, seeking mastery. She is passionate, at times impulsive, filled with vitality and determination to advance in her sphere of influence."

Personal summary(2019-12-22): Transformation - balance - creating light

2. What am I good at?

"...brings order and structure to the dynamic forces"
" the artistic design (s)he brings structure; to unrestrained imagination (s)he brings reason; to chaos (s)he brings order."
"Reason contemplates bringing structure to the creative flow of imagination and being grounded in reality."
"...vulnerability on the one hand and her allowing for possibilities beyond her own rationale on the other."


"When you understand true abundance, you know that you can always create more and that it is all about your ability to give, to receive, and to keep the flow of energy moving through your life."

"As she weathers the storm of her previous creation, she regains her stature... yet she remains in a defensive position. She now realises what she has evoked in the others and how she has fuelled their reactions. Once she descends from her pedestal, she will surely have a clearer picture of how to share her passion and vision for all to celebrate. It will require egoless service, compassion, and the pure vision to stoke the passion that burns in the hearts of others."

Personal summary(2019-12-22): Reason - celebration - face challenges

3. How can I combine them?

"spiritual guidance"
"giving of one's self to love"
"right mind over the senses"
"true strength"
"rest and reflect on all that has been learned"
"far from the distraction of people and events, and back to the quiet nature"
"restoring peace in the mind and soul"

Personal summary (2019-12-22): through reflection, and letting answers come to me via non-physical guidance

4. How do I make this happen?

"After much labor and long journeys of exploration into one's motivation in life, the 'Seven of Crystals' rests."
"A young merchant has spread his carpet out to sell his polished crystals and so receive the rewards of his efforts - but for now no one is interested. He is waiting for the buyers to come."
"...contemplating the value of his work, perhaps even the point of it all, and while he does admire what he has accomplished, he seems to question it at the same time. He looks at the few coins that he has received in exchange for his beautifully perfected, polished crystals, and it appears he is concerned that the potential rewards are nowhere to be found. At the very least, it seems they are nowhere near to meeting his expectation."
"Do you feel frustrated that your efforts are producing little or nothing compared to what you expected and hoped for?"

Authors comment (2019-11-16) : I think I here (#4) got the answer for how I DO it, as of (until) now, and feel about it all - rather than how I could/should make it happen, which I think next card gives a hint about. The card that actually follows the above.

Personal reflection(2019-12-22): I should still offer my gifts (from a place of Love, not Fear), but not be attached to the outcome? And then "eventually", "when the time is (I am) ripe"? ...

5. Advice for the path?

"...the doubts and dissatisfaction of the Seven of Crystals have been surpassed. Not only does our hero realise that his work has value, but also that he is able to make it even more significant, beautiful, and utterly remarkable. His desire to produce more has been enhanced, and he is back in the saddle, building on what he has already established to create even more."
"(S)he has re-established his faith in his vision and his pride in his achievements."
"...if you work at your dreams, if you carve away at your goal with determination, steadfastness, and skill, you will eventually reach them."

Personal reflection (2019-12-22): do the above (card 4), but (as reflected under it) do it with detachment, without expectations - that is, sincere offering from a place of unconditional love and not fear (conditional "love")? Not for fame, appreciation, attention, money, reputation, but for the sake of giving what I am born to give?

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