Formal Commitments

2019-12-13, edited 2020-08-07


- I commit to making my spiritual growth my highest priority

- I commit to respond, instead of react on behalf of the frightened parts of my personality

- I commit to finding harmony, inner balance and stability

- I commit to heal the frightened parts of my personality

- I commit to acting from love, not fear

- I commit to create authentic power, not external power

- I commit to align my personality with my soul

- I commit to develop, cultivate and use my multisensory perception

- I commit to the following desire of mine: promote spiritual growth and spiritual partnerships (inspiring others to stretch beyond the limiting perspectives of frightened parts of their personalities) while retaining a good portion of self-distance, artful sense of humour, closeness to laughter and reverence for life! <3 

- I commit to the following desire of mine: To use my innate capabilities for something "beyond myself". Or, "to give what I was born to give". 

- I commit to the following desire of mine: having enough resources to make the above possible without having to count and turn every cent, and maybe even have enough to share excesses if needed. (Basically, get rid of the ol' money ball and chain I've been dragging around - as a "good citizen" of today's "five-sensory society" sort of is expected to do!)

- I commit to the following desire of mine: earn money/receive resources in a way that feels intuitively and soulfully comfortable. Involving tasks powered by love, not fear. Involving tasks creating and spreading authentic power, not external power. Tasks supporting spiritual growth, expanded awareness, and consciousness growth. 

- I commit to seeing and trying to bring out the best in people

- And I wouldn't mind getting married! :D



20211107 - Five Wishes Spread
Inspired by the Five Wishes book by Gay Hendricks

For my life to have been a total success, I wish I'd...:

Fountain Tarot - "interconnectedness, the source" 
Card: The World
...lived more from the source (my intuition/soul/Tao), and had made a greater impact on/in the world - that I completed something (and that I excelled in something). 
"The completion of a journey. A master of this worldly experience."
"evolving from novice to expert" 
"becoming a new being, moving with a sense of ease and satisfaction."

Tarot of the Divine - "appreciation of our differences and of the truth in our similarities"
Card: Six of Cups
...been less judgmental, shared more of myself, and that I had more resources/gifts to share.
"The Snow Queen."  

Maker's Tarot - "make something of/follow your creativity"
Card: The Empress
...been more compassionate and creative. I really love to write, communicate and use words - I wish that my creative way of communication had reached more souls - that I had inspired and supported more people to  awakening to their inner being.
"Drawing: art made by using instruments such as pencils, pens, or charcoal to mark a flat surface."

Samurai Tarot - "bushido" or "honour"
Card: Four of Wands
...been a member of 'a clan', to loyally work, live - and die - for. A family to protect - be protected by - and celebrate with. 

Quantum Tarot - "the field of pure potentiality - what we see is not the reality"
Card: Knight of Swords
...made more of a (quantum) leap myself, and that I had inspired more people to dare total change, awakening and awareness of other dimensions then those we see with our eyes. That I had awakened more people to their purpose - THE purpose - personal growth/responsibility/love.  
"...never backs off from a conflict, though he is more often armed with words than weapons. The knight fights intellectual rather than physical battles and he's at his best in defence of a just cause. He needs a purpose, or he might start an argument just for the sake of it."

20211107 - Fill Your Cup Spread

1. What part of me needs replenishment (middle)?

Mermaid Tarot - "the seductiveness of emotions"
Card: Nine of Swords (R)
"nightmare, regret, solitude, shame"
I need to get out of the "I'm doomed" thinking/feeling pattern!
The "this will never change".
But first - face it, accept it

2. What is Standing in My Way (bottom)?

Many Doors Tarot - "the future is queer"
It's not that an 'unknown future' is scaring me. It's more the thoughts of "it never turned out good before, so how could it possibly this time?!" 
I have such a hard time shaking those thoughts/fears (card #1) off - and leave those old feelings attached to it behind.
I sort of KNOW it's all well, but these fears/thought still have a grip on me. And I think also, a fear that I will "run over myself again". A fear that I will not know/feel what's good/right for me - and, again, 'tag along' somewhere, in wrong direction - one out of alignment with my soul/purpose. 
Card: Eight of Cups 
Gay Hendricks: "Hoping a situation will change keeps you at a distance from your true feelings-sadness, anger, fear. Each of these feelings is best appreciated up close. Feel them deeply, and they will cease to bother you. Hope they'll go away, and they'll bother you all day."
Gay: "The only relevant question is whether you will let it be possible for you."

3-5. Ways I Can Fill My Cup.

Dreams of Gaia Tarot - "for the sake of The Earth/humankind"
Card: Ace of Swords
"personal truths"
It's "...time to honour personal truths that have foundation in your own experiences, instead of embracing the truths of others, and making them your own. To do otherwise is to wear an ill-fitting pair of shoes borrow, or stolen, from another. While they may protect your feet, they will also pinch and rub, and, over time, can do more harm than good. It is time to realise that to travel well and go the distance, you need a pair of shoes that fit well because they are made for you specifically."

Law of Attraction Tarot - "the soul attracts what it needs" or "give it time to come"
Card: Nine of Cups
'letting the universe fill my cup'
Requires: me accepting that my soul attracts what it needs, me trusting that my cup will be filled, me actually holding up my cup (me being available to be used as a tool "for Gods Will").

Âme Tarot - "your mystical channeling persona"
Always listening/staying true to my Spiritual Truth/Soul Purpose
Card: Four of Swords (R)
Reversed: "wise administration, circumspection, precaution, testament"
Having the spiritual courage to take my time.
If it doesn't feel right, if 'the answer' isn't obvious - wait. 
Better small slow steps in the right direction, than great ones in the wrong!


"Rule Number One is this: If you're open to learning, you get your life-lessons delivered as gently as the tickle of a feather. But if you're defensive, if you stubbornly persist in being right instead of learning the lesson at hand, if you stop paying attention to the tickles, the nudges, the clues-boom! Sledgehammer."

"A breach of integrity stops the flow of energy, just as a pebble jammed in a garden hose stops the flow of water." 

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