My Solar Return for year 2019 (Nov2018-Nov2019), in summary.

Sun, Jupiter and Mercury (R) in 2nd house. Ascendant in Scorpio (my natal 2nd). SR Asc conjunct Natal Uranus (inconjunct natal moon, wide conjunction Sun). SR Uranus on critical degree Aries.

Solar Return: "the Solar Return is a sort of your daily newspaper, whose headlines show the main events of your life during the twelve months covered by that specific chart of SR. ... Usually, the position of the Ascendant of SR in the natal Houses tells you what is the nine-column headline on the first page." (solarreturns.com)

SR Ascendant in Scorpio and 2nd Natal House

Asc 2nd SR house: "the main headline cries: "Money!" and you know that the SR does not lie. It never lies. Thus, it is up to you to understand it and understand it well. It is up to your brilliant mind, to your grounding and to your qualification as an astrologer. ... typically points to significant income or expenditure of money - at least, significant for the finances of an average worker. Often, during such a SR, money flows in both directions." (solarreturns.com)

Asc in natal 2nd: "The most important matters of the year will centre on your income and finances, and your personal beliefs. If the overall Solar Return is benefic it can indicate an important business of financial accomplishment. If it is malefic in general, it will bring financial worries or problems." (https://astrology.gatewaytoatlantis.com/)

Asc in Scorpio: "Brings all kinds of problems. A year of unyielding effort and struggle - often with doubtful results. Brings conflicts, lawsuits, and legal complications in one way or another, sometimes against your will. The rest of the year must be very favorable to prevent this ASC from bringing a difficult year with some kind of disintegration, or at least a death among your associates."  (https://astrology.gatewaytoatlantis.com/)

Asc in Scorpio: "This year will be full of tests, you will have more than your fair share of opposition from others. It's important that you do not let others get the best of you. Karma is part of this transit so if you have handled your affairs appropriately, then you shall be rewarded if not then you will face the consequence for your actions." (https://illumeastrology.blogspot.com/)

SR Sun 2nd House

"The Sun in the 2nd house indicates that monetary concerns are important. This is a good time to budget your expenses or focus on money making ideas. Though your salary may not increase this year, this is the year you decide you deserve more and begin to push for a higher income. The actual increase might not come until the end of the Solar Return year or as the Sun moves into the 11th." (www.maryshea.com/2nd.html)

"Self-esteem is the major theme for this year. Depending on other aspects of your birth chart your self-esteem is either challenged, or boosted during the course of the year. Money matters are also in focus. As a result it is time to revise your personal spending patterns and prepare a budget." (astrologyandbirthreport.blogspot.com/)

SR Mars 5th House

"In brief, the Fifth House is mainly about children, but it can also point to love as well as marital life. ... The Fifth House may also refer to a very creative year; perhaps a year of living with much satisfaction, play, and recreation. Typically, you develop a brand new hobby during a year of Fifth House." (solarreturns.com)

SR Jupiter in 2nd SR House

"Increased circulation of money: it may be incoming, but also outgoing. This position favours earnings in general, but it may also induce the subject to be victim of swindlers. However, in the majority of cases this position points to incomes rather than expenditures. With this position, you stand fair chances to see your own face in the newspapers or on television. It also enhances the image you project." (solarreturn.com)

SR Sun conjunct SR Jupiter

"This influence is extremely beneficial and the promise of a happy year and increased growth. Your attitude toward life will be very positive and at the same time a touch of luck will be with you to help you resolve your problems. You will have a smile on your face and will be surrounded by happy and positive people. Your good humour will be contagious and will create enthusiasm in the people around you.
      But you also will feel a great desire for expansion and growth in your life in general. You will be concerned with improving your status in life and your income, increasing your knowledge and enlarging your social world. This expansion and growth will manifest the strongest in the house influenced by the Sun during this year." (cafeastrology.com/)

SR Sun square SR Mars

"You will demonstrate more aggressiveness, rashness and lack of patience during this period. It will more difficult to control your anger when crossed or frustrated. Try to keep a lid on this so that you don't do or say anything that you will later regret. ... You will get bored with routine, especially if it is sedentary or slow. You could also be impatient with people who don't share your way of thinking or even those who just cross your path. This aspect could bring fights, confrontations, conflicts and ruptures in relationships in general. ... You will be the most aggressive and intense in that area of your life represented by the house your Sun is in this year and in the house occupied by Mars." (cafeastrology.com/)

SR Moon 8th SR House

Cafeastrology: "The position of the Moon by house and sign will show where your heart is, so to speak."

"Increased sexual appetite. A desire for making money. Expectations concerning an inheritance. Possible risk of robberies; be also careful not to lend money with this celestial position. " (solarreturn.com)

8th house: "Your emotional state depends heavily on the condition of the Moon by aspect. If the Moon is mostly supported (for example, by trines and sextiles to other points), then you possess more emotional strength than ever this year. Your ability to step back and watch what is happening around you before reacting emotionally will benefit you, especially if you are usually a more emotionally reactive or impulsive person. You are more perceptive than ever, and better able to size up both people and situations you deal with. If the Moon is mostly challenged in its aspects to other planets and points, you may be dealing with very intense-even primal-emotions and will have a hard time sorting out your feelings. ...
You are bound to encounter issues surrounding shared resources. If you depend on someone on a financial level, even in a small way, there may be cause for concern. Support from others in general is an issue that will concern you this year. The situation is likely to change, and you will need to work out strategies to deal with it.
" (cafeastrology.com/

SR Moon Gemini: "This is a year of emotional adjustments. You may feel pulled in a number of directions, and you could find yourself very busy and perhaps in demand. If the Moon is afflicted, you may feel behind schedule and you may have difficulty keeping up with the pace of your life." (cafeastrology.com/)

SR Saturn in 3rd SR House

"Delay or abandonment of studies. A misfortune may happen to a brother or a sister or brothers and sisters-in-law, uncles, cousins and nephews. Your car may be stolen or damaged. For any reason, you may be forced to purchase a car or a motorcycle during this year. This position may also point to painful commuting to reach you workplace or for any other burdensome reason." (solarreturn.com)

SR Uranus in 6th SR House

"You may undergo possible unexpected treatments with rays or electricity. Sudden change of work. Unexpected change in your work location. Hiring or sudden dismissal/resigning of an employee. A pathology may suddenly come (or come back) to the surface." (solarreturn.com)

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