Cardinal: 3
Fixed: 2
Mutable: 6

Fire: 2
Earth: 3
Air: 2
Water: 4

Slightly Water Heavy: emotions may rule you more than the norm. All Water signs are concerned at some level with the past, and for this reason your mind may take you back to earlier life experiences that strongly affected you at an emotional level. While it is important to express your feelings, take care not to over-emote or allow emotions to control all decisions.

Mutable: you should be easily capable of adapting to change-maybe to a fault. The experiences encountered during this year call for planning, modifying and adjusting. It is a year of adjustment and preparation.

Signature. Mutable-Water: Pisces (empty natally). Neptune (R) House 7 - relationships.

Western Hemisphere (like last year): you will have less control over decisions and relationships, often having to accept the choices and events of life as others call them. This year will find other people playing an important part in your life. It is important to accept feedback, and to consider how your actions will affect others before making the final decision to act.
...a "destiny fulfilling" chart pattern. There are important lessons to learn this year about sharing responsibility and considering others before making decisions. You are learning to share responsibility and, to a certain degree, accept the choices and events of life as others call them. Instead of living as you are used to, you are learning to wait for opportunities to come to you rather than creating them independently.
If this pattern is completely contradictive to your natural modus operandi, some confusion will be experienced. Instead of doing everything you can to avoid direct confrontations, you will experience issues that require you to stand up for yourself and make yourself known as an independent being. This year, when the planets are on the opposite half of the chart, you have a unique opportunity to grow, to learn to be more direct.
You are learning to be more other-oriented.
Your mantra should be: Think before you act.

Cadent houses (5) like last year: you will frequently experience the need to make adjustments and remain adaptable throughout the year, and because of this you may experience frequent confusion. This will be a year of transition and reorientation. Old patterns and techniques that have worked well in the past may not be sufficient any longer. Look forward to new experiences, even though you are still in the process of wrapping up old details and preparing for the future. Explore or study new systems or methods to be applied in future endeavors. This is a year of transition, but also a good time for communication.

Pattern: Locomotive. This pattern insinuates that you have the power of a locomotive to drive you through the year.
Driving planet: Mars. 
This is the "engine" that will drive you throughout the year. The planet defines what type of energy steers you, and its house describes the area of life that operates as a driving force throughout the year. This is also a year when your personal leadership skills might emerge, enabling you to use the energy of the leading planet to direct others. At another level, it also represents the "part" of you that is taking the initiative to lead you to where you need to go.

Asc in natal 12th.
It is important for you to understand how details determine the overall success of any venture. This year you need to approach life with a critical eye, but don't lose the forest through the trees. Develop good analytical skills in order to further cultivate the activities ruled by the natal house of Virgo. Discrimination will be important in your attempt to create order and to find perfection. Others may come to you seeking advice because of your critical eye, which enables you to see the possible flaws in their designs, but they could be put off if you are overly nitpicky. Realize that your tendency to be excessively critical of others often involves some imperfections within yourself. The house of Virgo in the natal chart describes the activities or experiences that are coming to the foreground of your year, requiring you to be more analytical and concerned with details (12th).

Asc in natal 12th:
...you may feel yourself beginning to withdraw. This year encourages you to make revisions. (Take that word apart to discover a new meaning: re-vision; i.e. seeing things in a different light or looking back and seeing something that was not evident to you before). You will need more time to evaluate where you want to go next in your life, but don't be concerned if you are not yet able to fully define what you want to do. Next year you will have a clearer vision. If there are old issues left unresolved, this is a superb time to take care of them. In many ways, it is a year when you will be dealing with karma-what you have sewn, now you shall reap. Transitions and service seem to be keynotes of 12th house years. They deal with preparation and reparation. I look at the 12th house in the solar return chart as indicating what is on the "back burner" of your life and what is awaiting birth but is being held back until certain things in your life have been resolved. These years are great for going on retreats, getting away from life's rat race to recharge your batteries and to define a new vision. It is a spiritual time requiring faith-a year to go within and examine your true value and how you fit into the larger scheme of things. It can also be a year of healing if you take the time to meditate. Dream of what could be, without getting lost in an unattainable fantasy. On the other hand, because it is a Cadent house, it may be premature to start any major new projects. This is also the house where your secrets are stored. In older times it was said to rule your "hidden enemies." When the 12th house is highlighted in a solar return chart, it is true that there might be something going on behind your back. There could be someone working against you, however that is not always the case. The important thing to consider is that there are things going on outside your awareness. You need to cultivate faith that when it surfaces or is revealed to you, it will bring enlightenment which results in spiritual growth.

Where it is located in the solar return chart, there you will be challenged to function independently and to start something new.
in 8th.
This is a year when you will be challenged to weed out things in your life that are no longer conducive of growth. It is a time to initiate new experiences in relationships that create changes not only in yourself but in the relationship as well. Be a fearless agent of change during these years. Be proactive in change (like this together with the locomotive-mars). The changes that take place during this year will lead you to a new sense of self-a new and much deeper understanding of who you are. On the other hand, the 8th house rules sacrifice and transformation. It encourages you to merge your energy with those of others to create a result that affects others as well as yourself. It is also important to take the initiative to create more intimacy and trust between you and your mate or others who share in your daily life activities. Do what is needed to maintain relationships.

Motto for the year: I am reborn. Watch me change.

8th natally Taurus. Stubborn - not liking change?

Taurus - more practical, self-disciplined, down-to-earth - 9th (higher meaning). 

Gemini - more curious, flexible, open mind, learning - 10th (career/work/public life).

Cancer - create security, do what needs to be done, support - 11th (collective, friendship)

Leo - take more pride, shine - 12th (the Twelfth House is considered the "unseen realm," and governs all things that exist without physical forms, like dreams, secrets, and emotions. Likewise called the house of the instinct, of dreams, of the hidden world and the unconscious )

Virgo - organize, slow down and take inventory - 1st (self-awareness, identity)

Libra - share (responsibilities), balance, harmony, beautify - 2nd (resources, material security, possessions)

Scorpio - look under the surface, use what is, release - 3rd (communication, siblings)

Sagittarius - expansion, explore, more available than you thought - 4th (Home, Family, Foundations)

Capricorn - responsibilities, follow rules, ensure you have capabilities - 5th (creativity, romance, entertainment, pleasure)

Aquarius - do things differently, outside comfort zone, flashes of insights - 6th (service, work routines, health, employment)

Pisces - blurry, trust in the unknown, faith - 7th (relationships) (Neptune (R)... + Pallas)


The Sun - where the light's always on (communication natally).
Where you need to take pride.
4th. Home, Family, Foundations.
...where you can use your will consciously to accomplish something important. It qualifies, but does not replace, the meaning of its natal house. As you grow in this department of your life, it feeds back into the experiences ruled by the house of the natal Sun, enabling you to evolve as an individual.
The Sun is shining on your emotional foundations, home and family interaction. Focus on building a more secure life so you can rely on your emotional strengths when needed. The light is shining on family matters.
    The house of solar return Leo shows an area of life through which your natal purpose is being lived out or projected this year. Its house shows where the results of the growth of the Sun will manifest.

Moon - where you will be tested emotionally through small changes throughout the year - Cancer, 10th natally (career, mission, public life). Face it in 10th, or be challenged in 11th. Manage it in  10th, and feel safe in 11th.

Waning Moon

Disseminating Moon - Distribution - When found in the solar return chart, a goal, an ideal or a commitment becomes almost an obsession. Social contributions can be powerful when you remain dedicated and focused. Disseminate and set examples to those around you through your actions and communication. Be open-minded. You need to share something meaningful through each contact made, yet remain aware of others' desire to hear or be "illuminated" by what you believe is meaningful. It's easy to over-do it.

Mars - the energy it takes, where energy needs to be extended, to fulfill Aries' needs - Scorpio/3rd, 2nd natally (resources - need to be independent, get things started on my own)

Jupiter - new doors will open in 5th natally, express itself in Aq/6th SR.

Saturn - the force of reality - Aquarius/6th, 5th natally

Uranus - Taurus/9th SR, 8th natally - changes in 8th-->results in 9th.

Neptune - learn to distinguish illusion from reality in 6th, have results in 7th

Pluto - responsibility to the world at large, slow major change as a part of my evolution (or a refusal to change) - Capricorn/5th, 4th natally

North Node in Tenth House/South Node in Fourth: Don't let the desire for personal safety hold you back from achieving the success you need in life. You need to balance your home obligations with your career aspirations. Break from some of your past familial or cultural boundaries and expectations in order to become all that you can be in the world. Stay focused on your social mission. Don't be afraid to succeed. These lessons come as a result of the transit of the Nodes through your natal chart.

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