Whip, Far Sight


Again, it's a marathon, not a sprint!

1 mile walking a day being good for your body doesn't equal 100 miles is 100 times better you know! ;)

If you're anything like me chances are that you're now tempted to push on because you've 'got the right direction'.
Now it's paramount to monitor your awesome will power.
And check with your intuition/gut every step.
So that each step has the right driving force behind it.

You want to feel a calm aliveness behind each action you choose. 
Not a palpable 'drive'. Not a sense of hurry. Of 'being whipped'. 
Not even in 'the good sense' - chasing something good.

Chase is chase.


I know it's tempting to hurry on, to 'get a glimpse of the goal'.
But hold your horses.
The faster you run, the further away the goal will become.

Running is what got you to where you are, it wont get you 'there'!
'No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.'
'You can't heal a FEELING (anxiety) issue with THINKING approach - anxiety is already too much thinking - to heal you need a FEELING solution' - #TheAnxietyMD

So - don't THINK you can't outrun this :)

Deck: #FarSightLenormand
Theme: "Navigating towards a goal out of sight"
Card: Whip
"assertiveness; dominance bordering on aggression"

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