Victory + The Moon, Energy Oracle + Visconti-Sforza


Time to redefine success?

What a peculiar mix.
Victory and achievement, and one unhappy looking gal with a drop in the ground in front of her.

Deep dive a'la Scorpio time.

When I pulled the first card, I really couldn't relate.
In relation to what?
Sure, I know I'm 'progressing'.
I always am.
As I never stop devouring information, and tirelessly 'do all in my might' (Jupiter-Saturn).
But I'm very much in an 'underground phase' now - I'm not only taking a course on Pluto (see post yesterday) so to speak.

There's little or no outward signs of victory and success, and very little 'celebration energy' within.
It's very much about 'facing fears' now. Titrating between awful and neutral, as to not be engulfed by the darkness.
Accepting a 'weak' body.
Facing A LOT of repressed grief.

It's quite a leap from this 'underworld experience' to 'reaping the harvest'?!
Trying to make that jump would actually feel like 'spiritual bypassing' (#TheAnxietyMD ) ...

So what's this Victory about?!

Up comes a deck from the past.
Up comes the crestfallen Moon. 

Sad, because she has to "wait for Eternity to triumph over Time" (LWB).


Maybe it's about allowing ourselves to see the beauty in the process?
Redefining 'Victory' and 'Achievement'?
Accepting grief and pain as something beautiful, not something to 'get rid of' as soon as possible?

Maybe this is a message that we're successfully facing our sadness - the ladies are facing each other.
The cards harmonize colors wise. One card has a light frame, the other a dark - a sense of yin/yang. 
Darkness stands a little taller, but the light is a little wider.


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