Two of Wands + Three of Pent's, Heart + Infinite Visions


Does it feel like the stakes are high?! You got this - keep up the good work!

Afraid of 'loosing it all'?
Loosing what?
And who's afraid?
"risks run for the sake of reaching one's own objectives in love, friendship and family."

Maybe it also still feels challenging to stay in balance with everything that's going on.
P3, Biddy Tarot: "represents the value of different ideas and levels of experience in collaboration."

Are we reminded that differences can be a good thing?
That it can be good to partner up with someone unlike us?!
With different experiences, different perspectives. 

Time to focus on our own balance, don't bother so much about others' businesses, and zoom in on the benefits of differences in partnership/cooperation!

Deck 1: #HeartTarot
Deck 2: #InfiniteVisionsTarot

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