Two of Swords, Urban Tarot


Clarity short lived, or having a hard time believing/chewing what you know to be true/what you must do?!

An excellent example of why I own and love using M.A.N.Y decks (and that randomly, letting the universe pick and choose)!

The traditional S2 shows a blindfolded woman, and it has keywords like confusion, difficult decisions, weighing up options, an impasse, avoidance, denial, crossroads.
But here comes... peace..!
Albeit reversed.
That's the first I recall when drawing 'deviating cards' - the "discrepancy".
Just like when I do dream interpretations I ask myself, whats the cause to/message of this "deviation" - why this particular rendering, right now?

But then we have the imagery, also clearly deviating from tradition. We are used to see the aforementioned woman accompanied by a moon, here we have a large sun!
And yesterday's card was...The Sun!
Yesterday we had (at least potential) clarity - here it's crossed! 

So, "something disturbing clarity/peace" comes to mind as being the major message today.
That something most probably being your own crossed thoughts (swords), about the 'playground your at'.
And also, it most probably has some connection with "the way society/modern people is" - the theme of Urban Tarot in my 'system'.
You might be standing at a crossroads/obstacle that offers a great opportunity.
A roadblock that will lift once you see beyond the 'physical problems' and face the internal conflict(s) the Perceived Problem triggers, and realize that things don't happen TO you, but FOR you :)

Yes, I mainly work in words, meanings, themes, symbolism, and in a connecting-the-dots kind of way - engineer by education, and tons of air in my natal horoscope. 
I'm probably as far away from a medium anyone can be, and I see no images in my mind's eye!
I'm blessed with a rather delicate intuitive logic though (Gemini Moon)!

Deck: UrbanTarot
Theme: "Coping with society/the ordinaries/un-awakened"
Card: Two of Swords (R)

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