Two of Swords + The Devil, Visconti-Sforza + Scorpio Sea


The stay in the Night Home (yesterday) seems to have done the trick - you're beginning to extract yourself out of the darkness, deceit and lies you might have let come too close (it happens to everyone every now and then - good on you for not beating yourself up about it).

Even though terrifying, you managed to 'sit with it' - neither fight nor get swallowed by it (that is, believing you are your feelings).
Well done you!
Don't second guess your choice of direction now, strut on, and the stinky murky waters will eventually be far enough behind you to not affect you.

And, don't look back - remember what happened to Lot?!
(having his wife turning into a pillar of salt for looking back at the 'evil cities')

You chose the right path at the cross-roads!
Carry on!

Once again you managed to 'look beyond', and 'see below', and call the cards of the Collective Painbody (google Eckhart Tolle).

Deck: The Visconti-Sforza Deck
Theme: "the old world - 5-sensory perception"
Card: Two of Swords (R)
"Deceit; lies"

Deck: Scorpio Sea Tarot
Theme: "Beyond the Surface"
Card: The Devil (R)
"getting to know yourself takes a lifetime"
"You can see clearly" now
You managed to "sit still, breathe, and look for your out"

Carry on!

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