Two of Swords, Shapeshifter Tarot


Things are probably not as bad as you think!

As usual, it's most probably your thoughts ABOUT the situation that are 'bad', not the situation itself - as the (or any) situation can only BE. 
Either there's something you can do about it - or it isn't. 
It juts doesn't help to think you are or let yourself 'feel trapped'.

Easier said than done... I know, Believe Me. 
But the more we practice a new way of thinking - the more it becomes a natural part of us, and the easier it becomes to make friends with the present moment and the so called situation we are in.

It's not that you're somehow just 'moving out of one trap into the next'.
And if the so called trap is a hole very similar to an earlier hole you've fallen into, it might be that you didn't "do the lesson properly" the first time around and now are blessed with a new opportunity to redo it! :)
Things have a tendency to repeat itself until 'the lesson is learned'.

Either way, things that "trap" us are more often than not a creation of the mind, and a hissing negative ego trying to start a fight.

Sure, it might that something has 'happened to you', or that someone actually have 'wronged you' and made you 'stuck in a corner', but either you can see yourself as a victim, or you can look at the situation As It Is and respond to it rather than react.
(Example: beware of throwing ultimatums around :))

And to the extent there's other people involved in your 'situation' you can always assume that they have baggage and challenges of their own, and yes - feelings too. Whether they "know" it or not, whether they show it or not.

And no, your not blind for not seeing answers or solutions to your situation, you might just be looking (thinking) in the wrong direction!

Deck: Shapeshifter Tarot
Theme: "the ability to embody the characteristics of another being" for a higher understanding/awareness - "walk another's shoes/transform one's thinking"
Card: Two of Air - Blindness

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