Two of Pent's + Eight of Pent's, Fire + Robin Wood


Action driven by nurturing and an inner fire!

Fire is usually more associated with wands, but here it plays a central role in a pentacle card!
I read, "fire hides in many places". Here, in the root chakra.
I google, the root chakra is "responsible for your sense of safety and security on this earthly journey." (
I love this! As an important theme lately has been: safe action is central to healing.

But almost as important: that action is driven by an inner passion/fire.
Something also running through the cards lately, the "do not passively wait, but go within, feel, and connect - then act".
I especially think about the pondering calm Emperor accompanied by a resolute W2 the other day.

There are options (reg P2) and probably some everyday (minor) choices to make.
What should you do first? Where should you focus??
Nah. Don't make a list. Don't weigh 'pros and cons'. Don't rationalise this! 
What FEELS like the best thing to do, right now?
If you don't know/can't feel - have the courage to wait until you sense it (without distracting yourself meanwhile)

It's NOT about working harder - P8 rev.
Not about doing things right.
It's about doing the right thing!
Something that feels safe to do - or increase your sense of safety.
Something that lights you up - or in some way is an investment in your passion/healing (and not 'sucks your soul out' - that poor boy sitting inside doing repetitive work with his back to the shiny outdoors - because he 'should', according to some outdated curriculum)

If you're anything like me, you will have parts within that resist this 'woo woo approch'! #InternalFamilySystems
Make sure to not just run them over (cognitive bypassing #TheAnxietyMD ) - it will backlash (#GotThatTshirt ).
Talk to them or sit with them (or whatever feels good/right for you) until they feel heard before you proceed.

It might be challenging at first (like finding your way out of the woods when lost) - but it will get easier with practice!

Theme: "inner fire"

Theme: "finding the path through 'the woods/scrubby terrain'"

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