Tree of Souls, Hidden Worlds Oracle


There is a "soul group of which you are a part".

A Tree of Souls if you wish.
A tree who nourishes the souls connected to it.

"and through connecting with this tree, imagining it (if you don't have #aphantasia ':)), feeling it, serving it, honouring it, you can help keep the balance of the Universe alive."

I've come to feel and believe that I've now found my kinship group - that this is a IFS-Tree :)

And isn't it a lovely 'coincidence' that the card is numbered 42 - "the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything" - the number that I have tattooed on my leg (beside the recipe for harmony)? :)

Deck: #HiddenWorldsOracle
Theme: "There are other worlds (realities) than the one you see in front of you"
Card: Tree of Souls - Collective wisdom, kinship group, library

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