Three of Wands + Seven of Biscuits, GIlded + Dog


Trusting everything is in order and that 'results' and support will arrive appear along the way!
Even if your (judgmental) head (based on old fears) insists it's unlikely ;)

The "plans well underway" and "steady expansion" card together with the Seven of Biscuits from the Dog Tarot.
I read for the latter, "trust you dog's positive feelings about a person or situation."
The latter reversed, suggesting this might be somewhat a challenge, or a matter where there's room for improvement! :)

Remain loyal to Your path, look for the golden lining, and trust that the people, resources and events that you meet along the way are there for your growth, healing and expansion.

Deck: #GildedTarot
Theme: "everything has a golden lining"
Card: Three of Wands

Deck: #DogTarot
Theme: "loyalty"
Card: Seven of Biscuits (R)

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