Three of Wands + Nine of Cups, Hobbit + Decameron


Your wishes wont fulfil themselves - stretch beyond your comfort zone and make a commitment to yourself to make them come true!

"your best hopes lie outside of your current environment" W3 #BiddyTarot

You're on the right path - stay committed to it!

"This card encourages you to dream bigger than your limitations." W3 #BiddyTarot

The Hobbit W3 portrays The Companionship in front of the Dragon Smaug's treasure lair. 
For a long time it seemed impossible for them to find the entrance into it, but then a ray of light from the setting sun in the exact right angle revealed an insert in the wall of the mountain. 

"This card suggests a new journey or new horizons opening up ahead."
"Putting hard-won experience to good use."

It may take some effort, some vulnerability (raw, nakedness).
It's not for the fain of heart (the adult theme).

But it will pay off - you will find a hidden treasure fulfilling all your desires - you just have to face a dragon first ;)

Deck: #HobbitTarot
Theme: "an unexpected journey"

Deck: #DecameronTarot
Theme: "Don't hold back!"

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