Three of Swords + Uncovering Treasure, White Cats + Sacred Traveler


Actions out of love always win in the long run! <3

I love it when I pull a card and read a unconventional interpretation of it!
That's why I have so many decks (#200 arrived the other day).
It keeps my slick head alert - preventing it from "knowing the answer".
As I use the decks randomly, I know that the card(s)/message(s) I get in the moment is handpicked for the occasion. 

I look at the images, I ponder the themes of the deck, I read in the LWB - I shovel all this information into my intuitive logic, and out comes some sort of description of the current context, bearing comfort and only to a lesser degree (or implicitly), "answers". 

I read, "The advantages gained through immoral action last much shorter than the regret from having behaved badly"
This comes out from my inner process as something along the lines:
Refraining from 'playing the mind game' (aka manipulation-immoral action) can be painful. Following and acting from your heart and core values can leave you 'missing out' on something, or feeling you're 'not fitting in anywhere'. Like much you do is in vain, 'never amounting to anything'. As 'acting peacefully' with pure intention and integrity (White Cat) is a rarity in this world of ours, seldom 'rewarded', and making you the 'odd-ball', which might hurt - as the feeling of 'belonging' is essential for a human.

This was what came immediately to mind with this card. 
Am I on the right track? was the next thought #SelfDoubt

I was asked to pull another deck/card.

Sacred Traveler Oracle - life is a sacred journey.
Uncovering Treasure.

Yes. Only by following your own true path, in alignment with your heart and soul, you uncover 'the true bounty beneath the surface'.  
I read, "Bounty is awaiting you in many forms."

Rest assured that the Universe is registring your efforts of being true to yourself!

"Sometimes receiving treasure is simply a matter of seeing life in a new way."
Through overcoming the 'obstacles' in life, the traveler discover "the depth of treasure in their soul."

Feel like you're facing a dragon?!
Know that the Universe have equipped you with just enough capacity to overcome your challenges, and that your mission is to figure out how - and the treasure will be yours :)

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