Three of Swords + The Tower, White Numen + Golden Age of Hollywood


Swallow your eventual bitterness, embrace the hurt and let trauma/devastation have a seat at the table - let the old fall, build the new!

What a lovely image of what I was writing about at length yesterday!
Refresh: You can't think your way out of a feeling problem (#theanxietymd ).

You gotta go through the body. Make your body feel safe and supported. 
Embrace it instead of trying to explain it away - beautifully pictured in the first card (traditionally showing a lonely pierced heart)!

And as the deck theme implies - don't force a 'solution'. Don't force (or coerce) answers from your body/inner child/wounded parts.  

Accept your hurt, your pain, and whatever caused your "downfall (Tower)" (earlier trauma and/or current exhaustion/freeze). 
'Let it have its say' (2nd deck includes 4 'Veto' cards).

You knew it was only a matter of time.
That you wouldn't be able to run away from - or over - your body for ever.
That you would eventually have to stop and listen to it and the traumas it stores.

When your ego/managers hinder you from 'voluntarily/consciously' stopping (because you have so much other things you need/want to do), enter: "the crash" :)
Seemingly 'out of the blue', 'at the wrong time' - but in reality, not so much!

Now is the time to build a new foundation. New neural pathways. 
Just in time with the full moon.
"This is a beautiful, "make a wish" Full Moon conjunct Neptune and sextile Uranus." (#astrobutterfly )
"Uranus and the North Node are key factors in this lunation [...] There is great potential to open new doors to the future at this full moon." (#astromatrix )

On Monday a 21-day journey with #DrAimieApigian starts, and I'm in it! :D

Deck 1: #WhiteNumenTarot
Deck 2: #GoldenAgeOfHollywoodTarot

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