Three of Swords, Tarot of Trees


The difference between being IN the feeling versus WITH the feeling?

We've had quite the streak of majors lately.
Some relational stuff, and cards about growth.
Major and transformational stuff.
Entering: Three of Swords. The card of pain and deep hurt.

I read, "heartbreak, pain and loneliness."

I can't immediately relate to this, so I have to read further, and jump on the train of thoughts here!

"can serve as a warning that something in your life is amiss"
"this may be something you are unaware of or are thus far unwilling to believe."

Stay alert, or rather, ask some questions? 
'Pierce to the heart of the matter'?
Are we denying or avoiding something - a part of us thinking/feeling like this?

"Pay attention to your situation and trust your instincts."

Is it a reminder that most pain comes from our own thinking (swords) - which is how I 'instinctively' look at this card?
AKA #BurdenedParts of us doing the thinking.
That too much (parts) thinking impedes our growth (cut down tree)?
That overthinking loss (cut down) only exacerbates the pain of it?

Letting the feeling be there, and listen, but without interrogating it (prematurely)?!
At least that's how I have gone through some massively dysregulated periods lately.
That's how I 'got back into my #WindowOfTolerance '
I'm totally in love with the #InternalFamilySystems model, but my inner family doesn't trust me fully just yet, so asking questions just puts too much pressure on and overwhelms the system - puts it out of the WOT in an unsafe way.

The trick is to get to now your WOT, and how/when to step out of it in a safe manner.
That's how healing (and growth) happens!

#DavidTreleaven is a chap that describes this very well :)

Deck: #TarotOfTrees
Theme: "slow organic growth"

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