Three of Pentacles, Bosch Tarot


Do you need to "be on the same page" with everyone?

Again, I make connections with previous cards/advice.
I think about the I-only-care-if-I-want-to dude, described the past two days.
And what a challenge it is to "plan for the future" with that kind of energy.
Not as in plan a happily-ever-after-life, but in general - as in "basic co-operation" - 3 of Pent's. 

Dealing with someone who at best care in the moment, only to shift interest the next, with little or no consideration regarding the effect this ever changing focus have on others, is a challenge.
People seemingly "not made for team-work".
Maybe (probably) there's something "behind it". Fear, hurt, trauma.
But when you've had the patience of a sloth, and showed all the compassion you can muster, for nearly two years - "this train ain't meant for your stop".

No need to make a scene of it though.
You don't even have to say something.
No matter how "wrong" and "impossible" the other is. 
ESPECIALLY if it's a dude trapped in a non-caring loop!
The Dude just wouldn't care if you lectured him..!

So no, you don't have to be on the same page with everyone. 
You don't even have to be in the same book!
You can't force or coerce another to co-operate, nor to care, nor to "see things differently".

Focus on keeping your own boundaries clear, your vibration high, and swallow the fact that there will always be people who are not interested in harmonious team-working. 
Focus on your own harmony - and not letting it depend on how others behave!

When you're dealing with people with a "skewed perspective" on life/things - you might have to twist your own perspective (judgement) to be able to move on!

Deck: Bosch Tarot
Theme: "Skewed perspectives"
Card: Three of Pent's

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