The World + Two of Pent's, True Heart Intuitive + Unicorn


The World is your oyster - trust your heart and your instinct!

I read, "Pulled in low vibe: Fear of the unknown".
Let me reveal a secret for you...
Life IS uncertain!
The universe can throw in a curve-ball ANYTIME - even into your most "known" and comfortable place.
There's actually nothing that is "certain" (beside death ;))!
Better wrap your head around that :)

Trying to "balance shit" to build a 'certain life' is not only exhausting, but also keeping life at bay - hence fertile soil for anxiety, depression and all sorts of both physical and mental "inconveniences".

The most interesting question is - WHY do you feel the need to 'be certain', or 'control stuff'?
Eventually it's not unlikely that some form of "to feel safe" will pop up.
Let me remind you of something to that point...
You will never find TRUE peace through "rearranging your circumstances" :)
It's an inside job!

It's not about "creating the world you want", but about finding your way to "be in the world but not of it".
Resisting the way the world is won't bring you peace.
It is the way it is and couldn't be any other way - because it isn't :)
"Life will present you with people and circumstances to reveal where you're not free."
So, whatever 'bugs' you - dig deep!

Let your intuition and your instincts guide you - not your fear or your exaggerated reactions thereof!
Find, embrace and change the 'survival dialogue' that plays on repeat in your head. 

"Moving with grace through major transitions is on the table, and you're up to the task."
(Full moon eclipse upcoming)

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