The Tower, Sex Fortunes Tarot


Deck: #SexFortunesTarot
Theme: "free and playful intimacy"

Card: #TheTower (R)

"Revolution hurts", (


The movie Braveheart pops into my head.

What are you willing to do or endure to (re)gain true freedom?
For yourself and for 'you people'.

Are you a coach or keyboard expert moaning, groaning, complaining and having all the answers - to what OTHERS should do?
Are you wrapped in a victim coat claiming there's no hope, that it's too late, and that there's nothing you can do? (Because X, Y, Z...)
Or are you willing to do The Work?
Heal your trauma, align with your soul and the flow of the universe, and stand up for freedom.
Even if it hurts. Even if it gets messy. 
To let go of old beliefs and comfort. 

Do you have the courage to be a part of "The crumbling of the status quo." (

Are you willing to be a part of the solution though "It hurts. People get hurt. You don't know what you're going to do next. It might feel like all is ruined or lost."

Major change is needed.
And great (r)evolutionary steps have always been "ugly" with significant "losses".

One of the greatest challenges we have in this world is our widespread/general resistance to pain and discomfort.
It hinders growth.

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