The Tower, Servants of the Light Tarot


The SoL deck twice in 5 days, The Tower twice in 10. And a lot of 'loss and conflict' in between, because of 'taking action behalf on your faith/soul/inner fire' - I think about the Knight of Wands in the beginning of this period.

With the Tower, whatever falls, it's for good. Eventually. 
And a great portion of 'life will never be/feel the same again', also for good. Eventually.
Whatever loss, it is loss of something not truly serving you, your health, your healing, your growth.
A person, a relationship, an occupation, a mindset, a pattern, a behavior. 
Whatever it is, the loss of it might very well have the effect that you 'don't recognize yourself'. Which can be highly uncomfortable. 
Because whatever you've lost/discarded it was something that made you feel comfortable and safe. 
Example: even if an addiction is considered 'bad' for you, and it's good (for your long-term) health to give it up, it was in your life as a comforter - and comforting things are painful to give up.

Sometimes we're forced to give something up in a flash, sometimes it's good to take it more slowly. As to really know WHY. 
What kind of comfort he behavior/person/things has given, what pain/feelings you don't want to feel it has "shielded" or distracted you from. 
Because if you don't know the full, or the most of, the story behind, sometimes taking away something that's giving you a sense of safety may very well re-traumatize you or break you down more than necessary (too much too fast).
It's not always just about finding what's unhealthy for you and throw it out.
Sometimes the best route is to prepare - or repair - the foundation first.

(re)Start from the beginning. Focusing on healing the cause - not throwing out the symptoms through the windows! 
Through somatic work for example. 
Rewiring your nervous system for safety. 

The safer your system is from the inside, the less need for escape and security blankets.
The more you know and care for yourself, the better you become at setting healthy and loving boundaries, and keeping chaos out.
The more you know who/what to let into your Tower in the first place, the less will you have to throw people out :)
Not out of fear of letting someone in, but from a deep knowing of who/what to keep out - and how!

Deck: #ServantsOfTheLightTarot

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