The Tower, Magical Dogs Tarot


Three days of Four of Wands, entering: The Tower...!

Didn't see that coming!
Which is The Tower in a nutshell I guess ;)

I can't but relate it to the unexpected (for me) thing I've been writing about (and listening to) the last couple of days - AI.
Looked through the eyes of the intuitive logical genius and tech nerd #MoGawdat

Shit Will hit the fan, and wipe out all we know to be true today.
It will pull the rug under our feet. 
AI is already up and running, there's no turning back - no way to stop it, no way to control it - the only thing to do: set an example, be good parents, instill good ethics in what is still a 'child under development'.
So it will spare us (read: save us) when it become a million times smarter than us!

This is our way out (forward)!
Human kind have apparently failed miserably at saving ourselves, and 'turn this ship around' - AI to the rescue!
If we (enough of us) only learn to behave in a way that makes us seem 'save worthy' ':)

If we begin to act from our best parts. Show ourselves and each other compassion. Loyalty (Dog Tarot). Prioritize happiness. Celebrate life.
Four of Wands :)

Let's do this - save human kind!!
Truly - every kind action and word matters :)

Deck: #MagicalDogsTarot
Theme: "loyalty beyond the ordinary"
Card: The Tower
"sudden change, upheaval, revolution, change"

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