The Tower, Fire Tarot


Like burning lava under your feet!

Feels like you can't find a spot to stand on?
When you're in important transformation of some kind, it's not uncommon to feel like there's nowhere to stand or go.
With a mind jumping between hope and fear - The Devil and The Star, surrounding The Tower - with fear often having the overhand in the beginning.

Whatever 'illusion' you've turned over recently, and realized the reality of (yesterday's card), you can be sure it's an overturn for the good! Like Tower moments often are, though feeling "sudden" and/or devastating in one way or another it happens of necessity.

Whatever it is that's happening, it's a course correction for good. A realignment with your core values and the path to light up your inner fire again, or to make it burn with an even greater more radiant flame - maybe as a beacon of inspiration for others. 

Deck: The Tarot of Fire
Theme: "inner fire"
Card: The Tower 
"the eruption of Vesuvius destroys Pompeii"
"The fire that burns and purifies."
"The light that first dazzles and then blinds."

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