The Sun, VooDoo Tarot


"the Sun shines on both good and bad"

"Universal love rather than particular love."

How can you practice this today?
Where can you look beyond the surface?
Beyond what things look like on the surface (good/bad), and put things in a larger - even universal - perspective?
How can you give or offer something, without expecting anything in return.
Give not to please, but through shining your light and make the world just a little bit brighter - at least around you :)

For just one day, or one hour, rise above 'the troubles and injustices in your life (situation)', like the Sun relentlessly seems to rise above this little globe of ours called the Earth. 
Don't worry, your troubles wont go anywhere just because you don't think about them every waken minute, they will be there  for rumination tomorrow too ;)
Or maybe some of them wont!
By changing focus from fear to love, some 'problems' actually magically 'solve themselves'. Solutions appearing from out of the blue, or the intensity of the problem lessen because of our widened perspective. 

For just one day, sacrifice your 'need for control', and just observe, as from above :)
Needing to make the uncertain certain is a survival pattern of the mind you know ;) (check out #TheAnxietyMD for more on that)

Uncertainty is the stuff the universe is made of - make friends with it!
Today, rise, shine on whatever happens, and see what happens. 

Deck: #VooDooTarot
Theme: "you have to give (offer) to receive - ritual, sacrifice"
Card: Gros Bon Ange / The Sun - Love

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