The Star, White Cats Tarot


Feeling a lack of hope?

Feeling like you don't have the energy to 'be a guiding star', and 'showing by example'?
Maybe feeling like your small contributions don't make a change anyway, so what's the point of making an effort to 'stay pure'?

The Ego (head) really like to have a point, a reason, for everything it does!
Days like these you just have to remember that you 'know' why you must do what you must do, and how you must act and be - not for any particular "gain" or "result" or "appraisal", but because of the most important thing of all: to stay true to yourself.

Again, this too shall pass.

One (aligned) step at the time!

Deck: White Cats Tarot
Theme: "integrity, pure intentions"
Card: The Star (R)

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