The Magician, Aleister Crowley Thoth


"other people accomplish magic on their individual paths that will always remain out of reach for you - because their way is not yours"

It's about not seeking or envying others' uniqueness.
It's about tapping into our own uniqueness. 

In every moment we always have exactly what we need, evolutionary and universally speaking - the ego, or some parts of us, always wants more (or different) from what is of course ;)

When this deck appears it's often the universe giving me the nudge or hint that what I have on my mind or on my agenda is related to my uniqueness, my 'calling', my personal path. The whole deck breaths 'major arcana'. There's a solemn undercurrent to the whole situation. A North Node energy.

This deck inspires me to move forward even when things feel heavy or challenging, knowing that I will 'be rewarded for it' - in terms of insights or new energy. 

This time through The Magician. 
We're encouraged to 'acknowledge what we have/are'. Experiment with the inner and outer tools and resources at our disposal. Experiment and maybe expand - through education, experience or 'mere listening' (books/podcasts).
And we do well to add some form of #playfulness into the mix! 

Deck: #AleisterCrowley #ThothTarot
Theme: "a higher calling"

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