The Lovers + Eight of Pent's, Bosch + Disassembled


It's official - we have a stalker card!
The Lovers 3 times in 4 days.
(we're aligned - 2022 is the year of The Lovers ;))

Also, 5 majors out of 6 cards the last 4 days.
Important stuff going on.

Now we're asked to 'pick it apart' - Tarot Disassembled :D
To get to the bottom of any skewed beliefs - Bosch.

What core values do you hold, and are your choices aligned with them?
Are ALL your parts heard and aligned with them?! 
(Which deck could more symbolise #partswork than this? :D)

I read for #BoschTarot, "You are not sufficient when you are alone", suggesting that some part of you still believes it's not good enough? Maybe that's what you're working on (P8), and 'turning around' (reversed) now?

I get a sense that there some confusion and uncertainty regarding values and choices (especially relationship wise).
What feels right one day, feels wrong the next. Or even changing from one hour to the next.
Basically: different parts of you take turn siting in the driver's seat, each with their own (sometimes "skewed") view on things.
One moment it's the 'I NEED the other' part, next it's the 'I'm better off alone part' >< 
How can two so opposite thoughts coexist - and seem so independently right?!

There's nothing wrong with you!! #MosaicMind
The task here is not to get rid of anything, or to tell either part their wrong.
Something has happened to you that made a part of you believe you're not good enough.
Something has happened to you that made a part of you need to protect yourself from this pain by 'keeping you away from others'.
(And so it goes on!)

Task (P8): listen to, and work with all these parts - in a way that feels safe to you!

I dig Tarot, astrology, dream interpretation and listening to inspiring books/podcasts! :)

Deck: #BoschTarot
Theme: "skewed perspectives"
"Opposites must meet so as to generate something new."

Deck: #TarotDisassembled
Theme: "Pick it apart!"

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