The High Priestess, Voyager Tarot


Give me a sign God dammit - because I can't FEEL where to go or be!!!

Fretting about lack of (achieving) goals - frustrated that you don't seem to get anywhere - or desperately 'searching for answers' as to why?
Annoyed over non-existing 'signs' in your life?!
Really wanting to 'be of service/making a contribution', but SO can't feel what that would be - and not really feeling deep passion/pulling for anything, and not excelling at anything in particular?
Feeling like most of your choices have turned out to be strange dead-ends, one after another no matter how 'good' your intentions were (but never regretting your choice because you either made a "good" or at least the very best decision you could, given the circumstances)?!

Then we're two (at least)! (:

I have a quite lonely (waning full) Moon hanging in one area of the horoscope (9), with all of the other planets nagging on it from the other side (1,2,3,4).
A Gemini Moon - opposed by a Capricorn Mars and Sagittarius Neptune.
Trine Pluto, Trine (anaretic degree) Venus, Trine Lilith in Libra. 
Sesquisquare Mercury and South Node.
Quincunx Uranus.
Semisextile Ceres.
My Vesta hides in 12th.
Intuition doesn't feel or come natural to me, there's pretty much always A LOT of noise, energies and chatter to cut through ("fun" fact: I was terrified of being schizophrenic until well over 30).
I have NO images in my mind (aphantasia) for guidance.
I often feel very mentally tired, or exhausted even, for no apparent reson - a tiredness of the kind NOT helping you sleep!


No matter what circumstances - the journey is the destination.
And my circumstances, and my configuration, is my journey.
Whether I like it or not (:

Oftentimes NOT: I have Chiron (in 8th...) squaring my nodes.
Transformation/self-healing is a part of my soul's mission - YAY!

Deck: Voyager Tarot
Theme: "The journey is the destination - off you go!"
Card: The High Priestess (R)
"Through inner stillness and equilibrium, see what lies beyond the surface"

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