The Hierophant + Trap, Venetian Carnival + Love Pack


Choice: looking at challenging relationships and situations as vehicles for growth (included in your purpose), or perceive them as something "happening to you" and 'delaying' you?

Look at life as unfair, or As It Is?
(see yesterday)

Deck: Venetian Carnival
Theme: "persona management and psychological functions"
Card: The Hierophant
"don't be afraid to interpret messages from the Divine or spiritual world in especially earthly terms."
"Ability to separate self from attachments, including feeling, thinking, and intuiting"

Deck: Love Pack
Theme: "relationship guidance"
Card: Problem - Trap
A Trap "is anything that holds us back."
"This includes obsessing." Even over good things.
"your commitment to the next step [...] will help you."

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