The Hierophant, Sweet Twilight


Twilight. That bittersweet short period "between two states". 
What two phases are you between?

About to wake up, or fall asleep?

"The teacher introduces the young lady and her curious cat to the wonders around her"

Afraid of new territory? Afraid to look with new eyes? Yo see the wondrous and magical in the strange and incomprehensible?
In the inevitable.

I think about the card yesterday. 
Defeat (conflict(ing parts)).
How hard it can be to befriend the pain (exile) awakened, and see the possibility/lesson (Hierophant) in it.

Also, I think about the upcoming Uranus-North Node conjunction, 31st. (once every 15 years)
This rug-pulled-under-our-feet meeting.
'expect the unexpected'

"...means that what we expect to happen will not happen; what will eventually happen is something that is not even on the radar of our awareness.
The good news is that North-Node conjunct Uranus will only bring us those events, opportunities, and people that serve our highest good." (

"The conjunction can be either really really unsettling, or really really freeing - perhaps a bit of both."

It's taking place in Taurus, who "will fight tooth and nail to conserve the status quo."
The resistance. The 'perceived defeat'.

(also, this takes place by my natal Chiron - deep pain unavoidable)

"However, when Uranus and North Node join forces, there's not much the Bull can do. The time for change has come."

So, best to listen to this strange mustachioed man!

"Just like an earthquake shakes foundations that are not solid and future-proof, Uranus shakes us to the core, removing all the attachments to what no longer serves us, freeing us from the past, and creating space for the future." 

Deck: #SweetTwilightTarot
Theme: "between two states"

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