The Hierophant, Mibramig Tarot


Be the bigger person day!

Next challenge!
After quite some time 'in the underworld', it's back to reality.
Business as usual.
Even though your batteries may not be be fully charged.

It's terrible what you been through, but the universe isn't waiting.
No time to lick wounds, and gather sympathies for "what you've been through", for the burden you feel carry on your shoulders.

To be "spiritually ahead" means responsibility.
Leading by example.
Not using your knowledge and insights in manipulative ways.

Change is very much needed now.
But use your wisdom fairly.
"Influence" by walking your talk/path, and guide those who ask.
Refrain from pushing any agenda - no matter how 'well intended'.
Refrain from being a know-it-all.
Refrain from 'making' others change. 
Inspire change.

Deck: Mibramib Tarot
Theme: "reluctance taking on responsibility"
Card: The Hierophant (R)
"the power to influence those who listen"
therefore "must use his charisma fairly; without manipulating others"

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