The Hierophant, Fairy Tale Tarot


Challenging the Status Quo! 

How are you 'conforming', to the detriment of yourself?
Which traditions do you still adhere to, though they're not matching your core values?
Because you're 'supposed to'. Because you're taught to. Out of guilt. Because it's 'expected'.
Says who?

Who says you shouldn't dream of a 'happily ever after'?
That love and happiness is something happening only in fairy tales. 

When did we stop believing in fairy tales?

Why did we allow ourselves to be persuaded to subscribe to the rules of a soulless institution?

Is it reversible?


I LOVED reading fairy tales as a child.
Maybe that was my happy place?!

My absolute favorite Disney movie was Beauty and the Beast.
I watched it over, and over, and over.

Oh, the dreaming of unconditional love.
The standing up for yourself and your beliefs.
The following of your heart, and not giving up - on yourself or those you love.
The determination and endurance.
The courage to surrender and leave everything.
The withstanding evil, lovelessness and darkness.
Choosing aloneness before unpleasant company and 'shoulds'.
The looking through the surface for the beauty inside - for who you truly are.
The transformation.
The impossible becomes possible.

Let's peel of all the layers of conditioning we've covered our beautiful inner children with!
Let's read some fairy tales together, and bring life into that old 'happily ever after dream'! <3 

*Determined to bring more happiness and authenticity to the world - starting with myself*

Deck: #FairyTaleTarot
Card: The Hierophant
"­­­the need to delve into the deeper meaning of life"

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