The Empress, Fantasy Showcase Tarot


Even when exalted, it's important to stay grounded and compassionate!

Deck: Fantasy Showcase Tarot
"yang management", as the deck is a colab, managed by a male
"outside known boundaries", a line from the LWB
"overcoming separation", separation being one of the extra majors in the deck. Farrier ("Destiny's Hand") being the other. But haven't been able to put my finger on that one yet. I am myself working as a farrier though - a barefoot one!

And then we have the Fantasy, and the Showcase, themes.
A lot going on?

So, whether it's a question of being outside your known boundaries, or separation (even if it's a good one - "being raised above/showcased") - remain in touch with the Earth. Don't loose yourself in Fantasies :)
Carry on with your day. Collaborate, keep your head cold - but your heart warm.

"Chop wood, carry water."

Upright: "domestic strength; fertility"

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