The Devil + Storyteller, Decameron + Native Spirit Oracle


Make this a story to remember and tell others about!

This echoes the last meaning of yesterday. Or, the whole writing in fact!
How you, when going through a major transformation of some kind, often vacillate between fear and hope - The Tower in between The Devil and The Star. And that the meaning for you going through this might be to be a beacon to others.

Now seems to be one of those fearful moments! 
Live to tell the story!!
To inspire others what is possible!

Maybe it's hard to think about being a beacon of inspiration right now, but it might help to know that it's not 'all about you'!

"You can choose the meaning you give to events. Find interpretations that empower you."

Deck: Decameron Tarot
Theme "adults only/adult responsibility"
Card: The Devil
"Try new and original ways"

Deck: Native Spirit Oracle
Theme: "you have ancient wisdom residing within you - read the signs of the land"
Card: Storyteller

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