The Devil, Osho Zen


Time to break free!!

Raised by sheep, it's easy to become a sheep.
Or, far too often "A 'personality' imposed from the outside replaces the individuality that could have grown from within."
So many (most even) of us grow up not knowing who we really are.
Like "just another sheep in the herd, unable to move freely" we wander. 
Lost from the start!
"unconscious of our own identity"

A rough patch, crowned by two Towers the past two days may be the start of something awesome?!
Finally we've reached an 'enough is enough' feeling in some area?
We've finally had the courage - or was "forced" - to face some "weakness".
We looked in the mirror and - lo and behold - we saw not a sheep, but a smashing dashing lion! :)

Maybe "being in the crowd will feel cozy". You think "one feels more protected, secure" there. 
But are you really? Is being 'kept in line' really protection?

Do we want to survive, or thrive?

There's no such feeling as freedom!
Roaming the plains!
Inhabiting an inborn identity instead of a personality imposed on you from the outside.

It might feel lonely at times and/or in the beginning, but though the plains of freedom are far and wide, there are many lions out there to team up with!

Deck: #OshoZenTarot
Theme: "presence in the now"
Card: Conditioning - The Devil 

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