The Devil + Four of Wands, I Am One + Light Grey


There are different ways to be united!
Bound together through mental and physical control, or choosing to be together in and for nature, are two.
I know my preferred scenario!

I prefer not to be chained to a programmed system, out of fear, in a controlled world, were strong forces try to control nature and make her bend this way and that - but to live in collaboration, out of love, in a world where both black and white and everything in between is allowed, and were we live in harmony with nature.

This is true above, and below.
I prefer to live in alignment with my soul and the energy flow of the universe, and not as a slave to my fears, my rational mind and endless ego chatter. The never ending flow of wishes and wants, desires and urges. The what if:s and the poor me:s.
Tried the latter the first 33 years of my life - indeed: Master Error!
Got the T-shirt - burned it!

I prefer holding hands and living in affinity with nature, over being bound together through rigid loveless commands, rules and regulations. Like cold metal around my ankles, controlling where and how far I can go.

Lets unite and bring more Acceptance, Awareness, Awe, Wonder, Love and Light into the world!

(such a lovely W4 <3)

Deck: I Am One Tarot
Theme: "everything is connected"
Card: The Thinker - Error
"I Am Master Error"
"master of mind, dominating the heart, soul and body to its programmed command."

Deck: Light Grey Tarot
Theme: "nothing is black or white" and "collaboration"
Card: Four of Wands
"community, home, fertility, balance"

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