Tenacity, She Whispers Her Truth


Let's NOT blow this because we did not do our best!!

Some things in life just feels so much more important than others.
Or, we just KNOW they are.
The amount and type of triggers going off in our bodies can be another hint!

So let's not blow this because we didn't do our homework ;)

"To willingly and honestly work on my personal growth."

We are just about to get the answers back from one exam - the outcome of the Mars/Mercury retrograde :)
It's been a hell of a weekend!
Mars turned direct in the end of last week, while Mercury was still retrograding albeit slowly.
The energies for action gained momentum while the energies for communication was still held back - boy, did that take us for a ride?!

One important thing is to not 'take it personally', and also - not to blow (again ;)) things out of proportion.
Yesterday I wrote about 'traumas meeting each other', which can cause all sorts of jumble - not unlikely aggravated by above mentioned 'clash of energies in the air'!
Our own trauma responses and rational minds may very well yearn (SCREAM) for 'clarity ASAP', to 'get out' of the chaos we feel inside. A desperation fueled by the same Mars energy 'that got us into it' ;)
But the energies for clarity just ain't there - yet. 

An awesome opportunity to 'get our shit together' basically :)
To 'do the work'.

"Especially on the days when it is hard."

Let's do this!

Not that we can decide or steer the outcome, it can still blow up and 'run out of our hands'.
But let it not be because we let our fear get the best of us instead of embracing it and heal it!

Deck: #SheWhipsersTheTruth

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