Ten of Swords, Art of Love Tarot


"An angel of healing penetrates the layers of (false truths and) suffering with her golden sword."

"discomfort is replaced by a newfound energy and lightness of being"

Maybe somewhat unexpectedly?

Or, when you finally decided to #surrender , and "Give up control so that healing can begin and something new can be birthed" something happened?
Maybe because you followed the (death/rebirth) advice of yesterday - sitting through this phase of transition, instead of rushing up into your head and analyse it, or follow your primal instinct (urge) to 'correspond' with someone in an effort to understand.
Understand as in, yes - 'get in control' ;)
Imaginary control. As this form of 'control' only amounts to dissociation from the source/cause/core - a flight from the (uncomfortable) feeling in the body. 

'Making sense' of your experience using thinking (swords) - your 'Meaning Making Machine' (brain) - is a false sense of control. That is, an effort to 'make sense of the emotions your feeling' instead of actually feeling them!
There's just no healing in creating a narrative of your experience, putting your focus 'out there' and forever try to 'manipulate' your circumstances in an effort to 'control them to your liking'. 
As #PeterCrone often says, "I didn't get the memo that you are in the control of the universe" ;)

'You can't solve overthinking with more thinking', or 'you can't solve a feeling problem through thinking' #TheAnxietyMD :)

Let's be done with this (cognitive) 'coping' ("controlling") shit, and instead surrender, feel and head for true #HEALING shall we?! :D

Let's trust the unconditional love and flow of the universe, which did the most marvelous job taking care of us in the womb (without our 'mind-interference' :D). 

Deck: #ArtOfLoveTarot

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