Ten of Pent's + Temperance, Ethereal Visions + Monstarot


A sense of satisfaction and harmony, but not without bumps on the way there!

The dog and the old man pops out to me in the first card.
Well applied and balance between loyalty and wisdom comes to mind.

I recall yesterday's card. The kindergarten teacher preparing crowns for her children. And how I related that to seeing, listening to and making your inner children feel important.
It seems as if we've done this well, at least for one of our children ;)
I see a content looking youth in the card.

We seem to have managed to use our gathered knowledge and wisdom in such a way that this young fellow trusts us. We've applied loyalty in a healthy way - not putting our own needs last or brushing of eventual breaches of our sense of safety. 

But it was not a smooth sailing!
There were some imbalance and boiling emotions on the way. Some 'monsters under the bed' to face and disarm :)
But that's perfectly healthy and normal.
(re)Learning and development curves are seldom straight.
A baby doesn't just stand up and walk the first time.
There's much stumbling and falling on the way, and probably one or two painful head bumps too!
But the baby gets up again and again, and eventually walks quite effortlessly!

Life is best lived one step at the time, from the time we're born to ripe old age!

Deck: #EtherealVisionsTarot
Theme: "not of this world"

Deck: #Monstarot
Theme: "lighthearted depth, playful seriousness"

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