Ten of Pentacles, Dreamkeepers Tarot


Stop thinking about how you can create abundance!

Rip that old mindset of yours off your shoulders, and let a new "abundance mindset" rise from within!
Home is were the heart is. 
So as long as you 'follow your heart', you have everything you need.

In every moment of every day you have exactly what you need - for greatest possible learning and hence, growth. 
If you just stop standing there thinking so much about everything, and embrace the uniqueness of your life, your gifts and your experiences :)

You don't have to stay stuck in some inherited or traditional way of thinking about abundance and wealth (and how to 'create' it)!
Free yourself from limiting beliefs, and whatever limits you from enjoying what you are and what you have. 

Whatever happening, it isn't 'the grim reaper coming to fetch you' (yesterday), it's in one way or another necessary for learning, development, growth and for the evolution of consciousness.

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."
Wayne Dyer

Deck: Dreamkeepers Tarot
Theme: "repairing your relationship with the sacred internal feminine"
Card: Ten of Pentacles
a reminder that sometimes we must break free, and "take riks in order to grow beyond what limited our parents, their parents, their parents" and so on :)

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