Ten of Cups, Gilded Tarot


Chillaxing time!

'You did it, now enjoy your emotional accomplishment and relax!'


Five intense days in the school bench are over.
One day off before another three.

The head is full of information and impressions I don't know 'were to put' and 'what to do with' just yet.
That's secondary for the moment.
Now, I'm enjoying that I didn't run over my feelings these five days! 
I allowed myself to feel all that was coming up.
I allowed myself to feel lousy and awful.
I did NOT allow others to tell me how I was 'supposed to feel'.
I (clearly) said NO to people saying, "I know exactly how you feel", "I felt the same my first course", "it's just...", "you'll get the hang of it", and so on and so forth.

You have NO idea what I'm coming from, or going through, or why, or how!
Did is NOT just about the course For F**Ks Sake..!!
#TraumaHealing #Integrity 
#EmotionalAwareness #EmotionalIntelligence

Boy did it feel good to put my foot down and draw my boundaries.
To 'take care of that inner child', or whatever you call it.
To not allow my hurting parts to have their feelings rewritten or diminished.
Taking the time and space I needed.
Knowing how my internal processes work.

Whatever the course is about, I can learn the skills later, if necessary!
Healing ALWAYS have to be prioritized.

All experiences have a golden (Gilded) lining - if you know were to look.

Deck: GildedTarot
Theme: "golden lining"
Card: Ten of Cups

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