Temperance + King of Swords, Samurai + Luna Sol


By 'cooling your sword' and adapting to the situation rather than 'fighting for your honor/survival' you can gain clarity, control over your thoughts and grow from the situation rather than perpetuating/reinforcing your trauma.

Let go of having to be right. Having to 'protect your pride'. Needing to 'have your fair share'.
Choose the way of the peaceful warrior, and you will get back a thousandfold.
Another day, another place.

Pick your battles.
Sometimes (oftentimes) the best thing to do is to not pick sides (not even your own), and do nothing.

Deck: #SamuraiTarot
Theme: "bushido"
Card: Temperance

"Purification: The spirit of a warrior is like water. It adapts to each container"

Deck: #LunaSolTarot
Theme: "not survival, but growth - duality/wu wei"
Card: King of Swords

"this authority is not the result of aggression, but instead has been earned through their leadership, fair judgement and the delicate balancing of tricky situations"

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