Six of Wands, Gendron Tarot


Something's blocking you from enjoying progress in the art of living your life and in your projects?

Deck: #GendronTarot
Theme: "Life is a project of art"
Card: Six of Wands (R)
Upright: "Desires realised through effort."
Reversed: "Disappointment because of victorious rival."

Are you maybe involved with people who seem focused on "looking after their own house" and/or 'their own success/ideas/ideals' rather then team-working and being open to see things from other perspectives than their own?
Which annoys/blocks/frustrates you?
It appears as if you're voice is of less worth?
Maybe it feels like this is "stopping you from realising your desires/dreams", and/or it seems to "take all the joy out of it ..."?

Maybe you don't like that it feels like struggle to make your voice heard, or the feeling that you have to 'raise your hand before you speak', or 'have a waterproof case before you can present it'.
Or that it seems as if there's no interest at all in hearing your voice (other than hearing your praise).
Or as if you have to tip-toe around them?

Maybe it's best to stay quiet?
At least with this type of people.
And save your voice and precious energy until you find or hang out with 'your kind of people'?!

Maybe you wonder, 'why are we not more curious in listening to each other?'

But you "know" the answer.
We are a severely traumatized people.
And we (generally) don't have a clue about it.

So, how to live life when you do have a clue, but still have a lot of unhealed trauma/burdened parts/frightened parts in your personality yourself and being your own terapeut (as you haven't found one with 'enough Self energy' yet)?!
My own answer: One day (or hour) at the time! 

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