Six of Swords, Voyager Tarot


Confusion can be one gateway to clarity, if not forced!

New information coming in from all kinds of places, challenging the known and unknown beliefs you hold, triggering trauma responses and rocking your current nervous system configuration!
Triggering, but inspiring at the same time - when you know about the potential stored in the situation, and what can be unlocked in You!

No need for haste!
'Choose wisely' - which thoughts to hold on to, which new gems to bring with you on the voyage, and which to leave behind when sailing into the unknown towards new territory (trad S6).

There's nothing inherently bad with confusion - chaos is a perfectly natural state!
Chaos and order are always intimately intertwined in a never-ending dance.

Deck: VoyagerTarot
Theme: "The journey is the destination - always!"
Card: Six of Crystals (Swords)

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