Six of Swords, Vampyres Tarot


Achieving new levels of energy and thought management!

Drainage - I'm referring to the sucking of blood that Vampires are said to indulge in.
The Six of Swords in this particular deck leads my thinking towards 'learning to manage drainage'.
In terms of 'an event or a person can drain you only if you let it'!

To a great extent 'Energy Management' is a personal responsibility, and an important task to master. 
A major part of 'The Work'. With all things 'happening to us' merely being the the stage, or training ground, for this work.
Of course there are many, many people having the 'outer world' and 'outer achievements/accomplishments' as their main arena and play ground, but mostly (I think) life is about 'inner work' (in this era/part of the evolution).

Energy management is a delicate task. And "strengthening your emotional intelligence/endurance" takes practice - just like it takes a lot of practice getting a kick-ass body.
It about finding the right balance of pushing your muscles to their limits, and resting them for recovery/repair.
'Creating micro fractures' and then 'letting them repair themselves' is how we get stronger and bulgier muscles.
If we want to be mentally fit we must do the same thing - train our "mental muscles".

It takes A LOT of practice and even more awareness, and there really aren't that many PT:s in this area (yet)!!

Knowing when to "push", knowing when to rest - and most of all, learning "how to think".
Accepting that everything happens FOR you, not To you, and that everything you "want (to do)" just isn't meant for you - The Universe has the path for your most optimal growth (for the evolution of human kind) staked out - the more you follow it, the comfier life gets :)

But hey, you got this!
"The onset of a breakthrough."
"feelings exhilarating self esteem."

Deck: #VampyresTarot
Theme: "drainage"
Card: Six of Scepters

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