Six of Swords, Osho Zen Tarot


There's no truth to search for - only lies that covers it to leave behind!

And the most of these lies are, of course - in your head, in your thoughts.
Thoughts riding on your back, trying to convince you that life is a - and you have to - 'struggle'.

We're Human Beings, not Human Doings.
Many are the forces that have forgotten this, or never reflected upon it at all.
Many are the voices telling us to do this and to do that, to go here and go there.
So many that we sometimes come to think of it as true!

Truth cannot be achieved.
"it is already the case. Only the lie has to be dropped."

Take a good look at yourself, and recognize what lies you are holding on to and - release them!
And just sail on, lighter in mind!

Drop that heavy annoying baggage serving no purpose!
A situation is problematic only if we deem it or think of it so - otherwise it's just, a situation.

Deck: Osho Zen Tarot
Theme: "presence in the now"
Card: Six of Clouds - The Burden

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