Six of Swords, Mystic Mondays


Change is good!

This card describes the mechanisms of yesterdays energies so well!
The resisting and even obstructing managers/protectors/ego, remember?

How action was/is called upon - Knight of Wands.
Though 'not understanding fully why' (uncertainty) - Hermetic Tarot.
But how that strung a cord in someone around you or, more probable - within you.
Not only resistance, but anger, or even rage.
Inner critics doing it utmost to stop your (necessary) action.
'Harassing' you even to the point of 'not wanting to live'.
"Anything is better than change and uncertainty..." is the opinion of your inner protectors/managers/ego, so whatever 'keeps you in the chains', they'll do/say it.

Today's card then.
I read, "Self-sabotage is controlling your actions without you even realizing it."
It SO easy to get caught up in the stories and narratives of your inner fearful parts, wanting to 'keep you safe'.
But they are basing their beliefs, opinions and strategies based on history. What happened before.
Or phrased in a different way, your nervous system is programmed on basis 'what happened to you'.

But, what once (actually) kept you alive, is now sabotaging your life.

"By repeating these behaviors, it keeps you stuck in the same place rather than moving you forward."

You need to heal the underlying trauma/cause, and that requires movement/change/action. Staying still and letting past hurt dictate your future/present is just such a ... self-defeating path!

"Carrying emotional baggage leaves you heavy with memories you cannot change."

It's actually not about 'what happened to you', it's what happened INSIDE you (#DrGaborMate ), and that can be reprogrammed :)

"The S6 (R) is a gentle reminder that change is good and encourages you to be brave during this transition. It will open doors you didn't know existed."
Embrace the Knight of Wands from yesterday!

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