Six of Swords, Enchanted Tarot


Travel away from limiting thoughts.

It may take our bodies some time to catch up, as it's easier/quicker to 'change our thoughts' than to change the age old feeling in the body, but one can only change one step at the time!

We'll get there. We're on our way.
After two days of 10 of Swords we now receive Six of Swords.

"Their attitudes are relaxed and they can now look back almost fondly on their past efforts."
Isn't that interesting?!
That while we are IN the story, it can be awfully painful and close to unbearable, but once we've understood the lesson of it and we're leaving it behind we can appreciate the experience, and often even be deeply grateful for having been through it.

It also catches my eye that the boat is moving towards us.
In the 'traditional' S10 it moves away.
It emphasizes the sense of moving forward out of something rather than merely moving (escaping) away from it.

It's been a challenging couple of days - facing our own backstabbing thought patterns - but it seems as we've managed to get a good perspective on it. That we've found a (dis)solution to it. So that we now can move forward more freely instead of continuing to try to outrun them, or worse - be in the grip of them. 

Probably because of that - the fact that we didn't run.
But stayed with the experience, though painful.
We let it run it's course - the feelings of it that is, and we did not follow the runaway train of thoughts we use to attach to it.

That's how to slowly change the old alarms in the body.
Separate them from the thoughts that once was attached to them (to make them 'make sense').
And - to actively create new experiences and feelings - moving forward. 

"If you can change your mind, you can change your world"

Deck: #EnchantedTarot
Theme: "harmonizing the hidden and the visible world"

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